Ashes remain

A girl named ember need to find our about her past, she has a special gift and many unspoken secrets, after a fire in her village she leaves her family behind to answer all of the questions about her life that has been eating away at her for all these years, but was it the best idea to unearth all of the secrets that have been kept from her. Maybe some secrets are best kept locked away.


3. secrets and lies

Mother is already outside the tent our belongings clutched in her hands, I lighten her load and we rush towards the forest, why didn't she tell me she knew about the fire, I think as we hurry though the undergrowth, I push those thoughts aside for now and we stop in a clearing hours away from the fire now, we take refuge in a mossy patch far away from any trees that are threatened by fire. Mother unloads her things and she sets up the emergency tent, setting up camp didn't take long and the smell of water and vegetation filled our smokes out noses, our clothes and body reek of the sent of smoke that filled the air, mother sits down looking blankly at our surroundings. "Why didn't you tell me" I say anger filling my voice "I didn't know" she says "don't give me that ka what's going on!" I say, I let my emotions run free fuelling the fire inside me, "look can we not talk about this now" she says running her fingers though her knotty hair I can see her hand slightly shaking as she does so, she sees me glancing suspiciously at her, her eyes drop to the floor, "I'm going to go see if anyone else is close to us" she says and before and I can argue she leaves. It's dusk before she gets back, she shakes her head at me and slides into the tent I put up. I sit by the crackling fire watching as the embers fly up into the sky before fading out, sometimes I wonder why I was named ember, it's another word for fire, or sparks. The name ember resembles fire, it makes me think that maybe there was a reason I was called ember, my eyes are the colour of fire just duller, there's so many unsolved mysteries about my life that I need to answer, sometimes I think I over react and i have the name ember because it's a nice name but something inside of me won't let go of my suspicions.

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