Ashes remain

A girl named ember need to find our about her past, she has a special gift and many unspoken secrets, after a fire in her village she leaves her family behind to answer all of the questions about her life that has been eating away at her for all these years, but was it the best idea to unearth all of the secrets that have been kept from her. Maybe some secrets are best kept locked away.


4. journey through the past

Morning air sweeps into our tent waking me up almost instantly, mother is still asleep so I walk outside, looking at the fog covered grass I spring inside me wants to just run, not looking back, to just run and find all the answers I've been searching for.' mother, you must know I had to go, I need to find where I am from and answer some questions that have been eating me up all these years I'm sad to leave you but I will be back, soon, sometime, once I have what I'm looking for, I don't know where to look but I'm taking a guess, please don't look for me I love you and will be home soon' I left the note next to her and without a second glance ran towards the fire. I've been running for hours and only now have I caught a glimpse of the fire torn town, the grass singed, the tents, burnt caucuses of wood, smoke filled the once fresh air, memory's flushed through me and I find myself on the ground ,crouched over, tears rolling down my face and onto the once green grass. I make myself stand and face the wreak, I walk over to where I once slept, I see a box only small but big enough to fill with valuable things like letters, photos or just valuable things. The box is locked tight with a key hole on the front of the blackened wood, delicate hand painted swirls and lines cover the wooden box, I find myself wondering how it wasn't burn in the fire. Another suspicion runs though me, maybe I was meant to leave, I was meant to find this, I was meant to see what's inside.

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