Ashes remain

A girl named ember need to find our about her past, she has a special gift and many unspoken secrets, after a fire in her village she leaves her family behind to answer all of the questions about her life that has been eating away at her for all these years, but was it the best idea to unearth all of the secrets that have been kept from her. Maybe some secrets are best kept locked away.


1. forbidden love

I walk along the sandy path the wind whipping at my hair, I make it to the waters edge and move on, not daring to speak a word. I look right then left for Lucian he's nowhere to be seen, I watch as the heavy fog covers the dark water and it just seeps on to the sand, the sun hidden behind darkness, the wind cold and bitter. Raindrops splash on my face from time to time blurring my vision or sending a chilling rush down my spine. A cold hand grasps my shoulder and I turn to see his green eyes gazing at me, they sparkle like emeralds and I seem to be drawn to them everything else seems grey and dead but his eyes are far from it. He loosens his grasp on my shoulder and his hand slips of me and hangs beside his body, I haven't dropped his gaze, there's no tension between us, there is no need for words, we just stand there gazing deep into each others eyes searching for something, the wind whips at my face both of our hair damped slightly, i don't seem to care about any of that his eyes have transfixed me, he shifts dropping his gaze. I look at the ground feeling his eyes fixed on me once more I stop myself from our eyes locking again, but the thing is I don't know why, I fell his gentle hand lifting my head up and his arms grasp around my waist pulling me in close we just stand there for a moment looking into on another's eyes his hand still on my chin, my arms loosely hanging by my side, he tenses and before the spell is broken I wrap my arms around his neck and close my eyes, waiting for the gentle feel of his warm lips touching mine, my frozen over lips all of a sudden hit warmth giving me a burst of heat through my body I wrap myself around him never wanting him to leave but I have to go. I pull away, his eyes flicker with confusion and hurt I mouth the words I'm sorry and picking up the side of my white flowy dress I flee to the top of the beach and run into the fog out of sight, not looking back so temptation doesn't take over. His voice is carried through the air, I hear him calling to me "ember please" he calls but I don't look back trudging up the hill, and around the corner, out of sight. I replay that moment in my head time after time, sometimes I have the urge to walk back to him but something is stopping me. Tears are sliding down my face as I walk on, I'm not sure why, but the thing is this isn't the start of the story, it's not all happiness and love, I come from quite a dark background, that I keep hidden, locked tightly away but to understand the present you must visit the past.

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