Leigh Anne's little sister

Forever alone are that's what I thought


3. One Direction?

Marissa's (p.o.v.)

I was in the living room when there was a nock at the door I hopped up and answered it and soon got talked in a hug by little mix I laughed and they all shouted in unison " WE MISSED YOU MARISSA!!!!!!!" I laughed and said " I missed you guys too " they released me and then Zayn came up to me and said " hey I missed you curly " I laughed and said " I missed you too quifie " he smiled and hugged me then he said " Marissa this is Louis Niall Harry and Liam " I smiled and said " hello " they waved. Then Leigh Anne came up to me and said with a smile " were going on tour with One Direction " I smiled and nodded Niall then followed me to help me get my bags well this has been an interesting morning.

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