Ride or die

Katie (Kay/Kate) ross is running from her abusive mother when she bumps into her childhood best friend, Niall horan, they love each other but Katie can't admit it she needs some serious convincing. She also finds a diary from from the late 1930's and she finds out the situation that Amalie Lennox is going through she is also going through will that help? will she just leave everything behind and give up? Will she stay with the group? Or will she run and hide for the rest of her life? Read to find out


6. pranks, talks, and nightmares

*louis' pov*

I went upstairs. I was going to go to Katie's room. I touched the door knob and stopped and put my ear to the door.

"Why why did you do this"

"No no no NO NOOO STOP PLEASE" she was screaming

I shook the door handle


"What the hell is going on" Liam asked

"I-I can't open the door and she's"


We all started hitting the door

"Move now" Harry hit against the door until it opened

"Katie" I went and hugged her

"Your alright oh thank god your okay"

Niall was crying in the corner

She fell back asleep peacefully a minute later

"Hey nialler you okay"

"Y-y-yeah I-I'm okay mate I was just s-scared"

"She's fine it was just a dream"

"I know that now"

"She's okay now go get some rest"

"Yeah I might just do that" I smiled at him and he gave a small one back

"When are you gunna talk to her" I turned to see Harry

"Next time we are alone"

"Okay but do it soon before she leaves"

"Of course" I rubbed my eyes and yawned "imma go to sleep night hazza"


I went to my room and fell asleep

~~~~~~~~ ********

*katies pov*

I woke up and checked the time 6:45 am great..

I put on my spare clothes and walked to the kitchen

I looked around and saw a coffee maker I looked through the cabinets

Let's see what I can make

Well from the looks of it I can make French toast and eggs Benedict and for the drink choconana shakes (chocolate and banana)

I finished the shakes and French toast, I was just about finished with the eggs Benedict I heard footsteps

"Food" I looked to see Niall there in nothing but sweats. My god. This boy will be the death of me.

"Mornin little leprechaun how did you sleep"

"You can cook oh god marry me now" he said running to come hug me and going to the food. Two things 1 I guess I'm forgiven 2 he still didn't answer my question

"Niall" I laughed "you didn't answer my question"

"I slept well no need to worry pumpkin what about you how did you sleep"

"It was amazing I haven't such a comfortable bed in a while" I smiled thinking about the bed

I really want to marry that be-

"Hey guys" Liam came smiling

"Mornin to ya too Liam" he stopped and looked at me

"You sound like Niall when you said that"

"Well I was only born and raised in mullinger Ireland it's not like I never had an accent" I stuck my tongue out and he laughed

"She got you there bud" Niall told him laughing

"Whatever" I heard Liam mumble under his breathe

"What was that" I cocked an eyebrow

"Nothing nothing" he smiled and started getting his breakfast ready

"So you can cook" Liam asked

"Uh yeah my dad loved to have me cook with him and sometimes Niall too remember ni"

"Yeah it was fun"

"Yeah well everything happens for a reason and well I'm just grateful he taught me or I don't know what I would have done when my mom you know lost it" I smiled slightly

"But your safe here you know we have body guards and plenty of money and places to go"

"And cameras and you also end up on tv"

They both stopped eating and looked at me

"And she will know where to find me if she sees me on the news or something"

"Pumpkin we will protect you it's now 6 against 1 think about it"

"I am Ni but don't forget she always gets what she wants no matter what, she will stop at nothing and If one of you guys get killed or hurt In the process I can't take the fact that it would be my fault and you guys are now like family and I protect my family no matter what"

"And we protect ours as well and it's our decision it's our own fault not yours if one of us gets hurt it will be from protecting our family our friend" Liam smiled and Niall nodded

I sighed "I don't know I'll think about it okay"


Everyone else except for zayn came down after that

"Someone has to wake zayn his food will get cold"

"We aren't doing it no way not after last time" the boys said

"I'll do it" I shook my head and went upstairs

"Wait" Ni said

"Yes?" I smiled at him

"Here take this" he passed me a pan

"Ni why would I need a pan"

"To protect yourself silly"

"Okay?" I shook my head and went upstairs holding the pan

"Zayn zayn wake up" I shook him nothing hmm... Come on Katie think

I looked on the dresser and saw a marker haha well I guess it's not too late for a plan changer

I grabbed the marker and drew two dark circles around his eyes and a line on his nose to make it look like glasses I drew a mustache and i can't forget the unibrow

I went in the bathroom I looked around... This guy has more hair stuff than I've had my whole life damn

Anyways back to the mission

I grabbed a bag that was in his room and put all of the hair supplies in the bag

I found shaving cream I left that out

I put the shaving cream in his hand perfect

Wait nope not yet I got the perfect thing

I grabbed a cup from his bathroom and filled it with warm water (I think some of you might see where this is going but for those of you that don't I will continue)

And he started peeing on himself... Ewwww it actually does work

I ripped a feather from a jacket I found (there was plenty of feathers so you can't notice at all)

And I tickled his nose zayn wiped his face with his hand I went into Louis room and put the bag of supplies in there

I was on the edge of laughing so I ran out of his room I closed the door then fell on the floor laughing I was crying and laughing and the boys came up

So I guess that's what makes all the boys come to the yard hmm Coolio

"What are you laughing about" "did you wake zayn" these are the main questions I got

I was still laughing and I pointed towards zayns room

The boys went in there and started laughing really hard

Once I calmed down I went into the room and saw that the boys were still laughing

"I-is that... Pee?" Liam asked holding his stomach laughing

"Yup I did the warm water in a bowl.. Well a cup thing and yeah I guess it actually does work"

"L-Lou she's.. A.. B-better pranks-ster.. Than you" Niall said while laughing

Louis suddenly stopped laughing and his face turned into shock

"Hey no one is better then tommo" he said pointing at himself

"Well then boo bear you have some competition" I said smirking

"Oh it's on pumpkin" he smirked back at me

I put my hand out and he I shook it

"Boys why are you laughing and why does it smell like pee and what is on my face" zayn said wiping the cream off of his face

He went in the bathroom

We heard a manly scream and I ran out of the room

I went to liams room and closed the door

Then I ran to my room and looked around i went in the closet... Wow it's huge

Dammit Katie back to the mission I grabbed as many clothes from the hangers as I can and I put 4 shirts on the floor and I made a pile on myself so I was well hidden and it looked kinda natural I guess..

I heard the door open

"Oh Katie I will find you and I will kill you" I was good at hiding since I had to hide from my mom so I was really good at not giving myself away

"I got ya.. Never mind" I think it might have been zayn or Harry I couldn't tell

"Hey did you find her"

"Not yet I'm still checking the room come help me"

"Okay" I think it was Liam I'm not sure tho their voices sound muffled Because of the clothes

"I'll check the closet" the second voice said

I took a breathe and held it I heard the door open

"Damn someone made a mess in here I'm guessing Niall didn't clean up after himself"

He started looking around and I was loosing oxygen

"There's no one in here" I heard him say and I heard the door close

I slowly let my breath release and I started breathing again

Thank god!!

Once the door to my room closed and I heard the voices disappear I waited for ten minutes then I slowly climbed out of the walk in closet

I looked around for something to use just in case they came back and instead I found a diary

It looked dusty old and it was burgandy and gold

I flipped it over and looked at the cover

It was a nice diary I must admit but who's was it.. I guess it wouldn't hurt to find out

I opened to the first page

"Amalie Lennox year 1939"

What. The. Hell. Wait wasn't that the year of world war 2

Dammit Katie just read the damn diary

I sat on the pile of clothes and flipped to the next page

(I know that in the olden days they spoke and wrote differently but I don't know how to write that ways so I'm going to write normally)

'Date: February 8th, 1939

Dear diary,

I got you yesterday for my birthday. And I'm glad I got it now I have someone to talk to. Hi I'm Amalie Lennox. I have curly black hair and blue eyes and I get picked on for it I wish my hair was normal and my eyes matched everyone else's.

Anyways I'm now 15 and I'm so happy because in one year I can finally move out and marry James croft'

"In the olden days they can marry young but now it's illegal now but she was so young" I spoke to myself

'James is my boyfriend and we have been together for 2 years. My mum and poppa talked to his parents and they arranged us to be together I didn't agree and did anything to get them to change their minds but when I met him it all changed and we fell in love. I will love you forever James croft

With love,

Amalie Lennox'

'Date: February 9th, 1939

Dear diary,

They took him. They took James to battle in the war. They took my father too and now my mum and I are alone. I'm scared of my mum write now. She looks scary, when I ask her if she's okay she yells at me and tells me to get out of her room. I don't know what to do all I can do now is wait for my dad and James. Hopefully they come back soon.

With love,

Amalie Lennox'

Oh my god. I put my Hand to my forehead and I tried to think about what I just read. She was going through what I was going through when my mum first started except Niall and I weren't an arranged couple but he was the love of my life and my dad and Niall both left. My mom started by cutting herself out from society and yelling at me then she started hitting and it haut got worse

"Katie KATIE WHERE ARE YOU PLEASE COME OUT" Niall yelled I can tell he is on the edge of crying because of how his voice is shaky

I got up and opened the closet door I went to my bag and put the diary in there.

I opened the door and Niall was right in front of me

"Oh my god Katie where were you I was so worried that you left or something are you okay"

"Yeah Nialler I'm fine I was hiding"

"But we checked your room and every other room"

"Yeah but you didn't check everything" I smirked

"Your good"

"I know I've had lots of practice so anyways what should we do it's only" I checked my watch "2:30.. Wow I've been hiding for a long time"

"That's why we got so worried"

"Sorry I was reading and I guess I lost track of time"

"Okay so what should we do pumpkin"

"Movie night?"

"Sure let's do this" he led me to a room with a bunch of movies

Hmm which movie which movie

"Have you ever seen the blind side"

"No is it about someone having a blind side"

"Actually well I'm not gunna explain your just going to have to watch it"

"Okay fine"

"Yay now sit and I'll go get the movie"


I found the movie

"Put this in and I'll be back"


"Is that all your gunna say"

"Nope haha"

"Okay" I said and smirked we both laughed and I went to the kitchen

"Okay let's see what you boys have" I said to myself I checked the fridge first

"What are you looking for" I heard a feminine voice say I turned and there was a pretty girl with ALOT of curls

"Oh I'm just looking for snacks for a movie day"

"Oh well I'm heading to the store if you wanna come"

"Sure I'll go let me just tell Niall"


I went to the movie room

"Hey Niall I'm going to the store for snacks"

"Okay but how are you going to get there"

"With umm um I didn't catch her name but she has really curly hair"

"Oh Danielle"

"Yeah her I guess"

"Well have fun I'll wait till you get back then you can show me the movie and before I forget here is my card but whatever you want just don't forget to buy me some food"

"Okay thank you so much but I have to go so bye nialler"

"Bye" we hugged and he kissed my cheek and I went to the living room and saw Danielle waiting for me

"Ready to go?" She asked

"Yup let's go get some snacks"

"Okay let's go" she laughed and we walked to her car

"So your Danielle"

"Yeah how did you know?"

"Niall told me" I smiled

"Yeah I'm dating Liam and I'm guessing your dating Niall"

"Oh no that's um complicated"

"What makes it so complicated he loves you and you love him"

"How did you?"

"You can tell by the way you look at each other true love something I wish Liam and I have something everyone dreams of having"

"Well I can't admit it too him"

"Oh sweetie just man up and tell him"

"No no not like that"

"Then what"

"Well I have to leave and he doesn't know yet but when I do I don't want to hurt him"

"Oh well I still don't see why it's complicated"

"But it is"

"No you see either way he will be hurt you can choose two roads

Road 1: stay with him and love him and you both be happy and fight your mom together with the other boys and me of course I'm not missing out

Or road 2: where you can go alone and leave the love of your life behind and keep running and hiding"

"What if someone gets hurt I will blame myself because it will be my fault I will be the one dragging them into this mess"

"Oh no you won't it's their choice to stay or leave they are famous honey they have plenty of places to go so why are they staying?"

"Because they want to help"

"Exactly" she smiled and looked back at the road

Now it's shopping time

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