Ride or die

Katie (Kay/Kate) ross is running from her abusive mother when she bumps into her childhood best friend, Niall horan, they love each other but Katie can't admit it she needs some serious convincing. She also finds a diary from from the late 1930's and she finds out the situation that Amalie Lennox is going through she is also going through will that help? will she just leave everything behind and give up? Will she stay with the group? Or will she run and hide for the rest of her life? Read to find out


1. not again and saved

Katie's pov:

"Mom stop" I screamed, "please your hurting me please stop"

"Son of a b!tch stop talking or your really gunna get it"

She hit me again and again. Not knowing what to do I just took the pain. she was my mom and I couldn't do anything about it, I mean she's my mom she gave me life what was I supposed to do.

"Your ugly and stupid you fat whore your so fucking disrespectful fuck you"

I begged her to stop but she kept going she grabbed my hair and threw me towards the wall my head hit the wall hard and everything became blurry I put my hand to my head and felt warm sticky stuff

"get the fuck up you disrespectful bitch" she slapped me and grabbed a belt and swung it the metal part hit my side she swung it again it hit me in my leg

I tried to tell her to stop but she just wouldn't after ten more minutes of the this she stopped I ran into my room and cried silently or I would get another beating for crying.

I needed to get out of here. I took out my emergency bag I had packed for emergencies like a fire. It had about 200$, one pair of clothes, a brush and toothbrush. It wasn't much but it would have to do

I opened my window and it was raining i jumped out and landed on the wet grass I was in track for a year before(thank god I'm glad I took it.) I heard a door open I froze and my heart skipped a beat.

"You fucking slut I heard you get back into the house now"

That's all she said to make me run but she was fast too

"You can run but you can't hide I will find you" she yelled at me that only made me run faster than I have ever ran I ran and ran not looking back after about 10 minutes I ran into someone

"Oh my god I'm sorry" it was a boy

he had a sweet voice but a Irish accent? I think so yeah it was like my great grandma and my old best friend accent. man, how I missed him he helped me through a lot as a kid

The guy helped me up and grabbed my arm, I flinched,"are you okay"

"Move she's coming she will get me let me go please" I begged on the edge of crying

"Who's coming I can help you please stop I will help you"

"She will find me I'm a idiot" I said to myself

"Who is she and is that blood on your face why are you bleeding" he touched the spot

"Ow" I yelled"that hurt" I was now looking up at his face he had beautiful big blue eyes and it reminded me Of a ocean he was beautiful. What no I what am I thinking. I need to run. She's coming for me. Ugh your so stupid.

His eyes were wide as he examined my face.

"Katie is that you"

"Who are you"

"You don't remember me Kay please tell me you remember"

"Wait Kay? Did you just... Niall?" I asked in shock

there he was my childhood best friend right here right in front of me he had moved to go on the X factor while he was gone my dad had left and my mom couldn't afford the house so we moved and We lost contact I cried for a good month or so I still cry to this day

"Kay oh my god are you okay what happened, let me take you to my house and fix you up"

"No I'm okay I don't want to be a burden"

"No you won't i promise please I can't loose my best friend again, please Katie"

I thought for a second I didn't have anywhere specifically to go might as well

"Okay fine"I said just above a whisper

"Good" he smiled

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