Ride or die

Katie (Kay/Kate) ross is running from her abusive mother when she bumps into her childhood best friend, Niall horan, they love each other but Katie can't admit it she needs some serious convincing. She also finds a diary from from the late 1930's and she finds out the situation that Amalie Lennox is going through she is also going through will that help? will she just leave everything behind and give up? Will she stay with the group? Or will she run and hide for the rest of her life? Read to find out


2. meeting the boys

Nialls pov

I carried her to my flat

"Ni you don't need to do that" i smiled hearing the girl I fell in love with call me that after so many years. I still love her.

"Yes I do now be quiet and let me carry you"

"Fine" she sighed

I left Ireland to go audition for the X factor and when I got in I was extremely happy but a little part of me was sad, I missed her I missed my best friend but when I got back I found out she had moved and she never said goodbye, the girl I loved was gone, the girl that put a smile on my face was gone, I would have asked her to be my girlfriend earlier but she didn't want to date anybody really and I respected that but now we are older we are both 18 and she is more beautiful than I remember big blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, she was skinny and so frail, I wonder if she has been eating

I got to my house and opened the door

"Niall" Louis yelled and came running in

"Shh Louis she's sleeping" I whispered

I carried her to my bedroom and covered her up and let her sleep I went back downstairs to find Louis, Harry, and Liam

"Hey mate who was that girl" Liam asked

"My childhood best friend, the girl I told you about Katie"

"Katie as in the famous Katie Ross that has our little lepricahn heart"

"Shut up Louis" Louis looked at me wide eyed

"HAZZA Niall told me to shut up"

"Aw come here boo bear"

They hugged and Liam and I laughed they're bromance was adorable

"Vas happenin" zayn came down stairs rubbing his eyes yawning

"It's almost noon" cough cough "lazy" cough

"I heard that" zayn said as he walked into the kitchen we all laughed these boys were my best lads I couldn't live without them

"Hi" I turned my head and she was there the beautiful Katie stood I smiled and I guess I stared at her because she blushed and came down

"Take a picture it lasts longer" she smiled

" okay let me get my camera" we both started laughing I took out my phone and she posed and I snapped a picture

"Come I want to introduce you to my band mates they live here also"

I walked her into the living room and the boys were watching the Telly until Louis looked up

"Ahh the famous miss Katie Niall talked and still talks about" I widened my eyes and blushed Kay giggled

"Shut it Lou" I squinted

"Harry he's doing it again"

"It's okay boo bear" he hugged Louis Katie started laughing

"They have a bromance like no other" I whispered

"I could tell" she smiled and covered it with her hand

"You have a beautiful smile don't cover it, love" she smirked

"Anyways this is zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, and the most handsome cutest and nicest guy here Niall horan" I smiled proudly

"Oh god" she rolled her eyes but laughed "haven't changed a bit I see"

"You betcha pumpkin" we both laughed getting the joke the others looked at us confused

"When we were younger we went to a pumpkin patch and we picked a huge pumpkin we were carving it"

"And I fell into the pumpkin and got stuck and had to be cut out which gave me the nickname pumpkin" she laughed and sat down on the empty couch I sat next to her

"Um Katie" Liam said


"Is that blood"

"Shiz" she said,"I forgot about that"

"Are you okay" Liam asked

"Honestly no" she looked sad and looked down "I'm in trouble"

"Where's your dad" I asked I remember how close they were and they had a father daughter bond like no other

She got angry and sad "he left he left me alone with.. Her"

"Your mum" Harry asked

Tears fell as she nodded I hugged her protectively hugged me and cried a little

"She did things to me" she said looking up at me

"She didn't do this did she" I said pointing at her head she nodded

"She called me every name possible and she would hurt me till I passed out she would keep going for hours she wouldn't stop she blames me for my dad leaving I don't even know why he left he just got up and left just like that she starved me I only ate at school"

"Wait so if she beat you for hours I'm guessing that's not your only mark" zayn said worry and sympathy in his eyes she nodded and lifted her shirt showing bruises cuts and a deep whole in her skin it looked like from the metal part of a belt

Our eyes went wide and I started crying the other boys eyes started getting watery

I got pissed I couldn't stand to see what they did to my Katie my beautiful pumpkin that got hurt by her own mother and father

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