Ride or die

Katie (Kay/Kate) ross is running from her abusive mother when she bumps into her childhood best friend, Niall horan, they love each other but Katie can't admit it she needs some serious convincing. She also finds a diary from from the late 1930's and she finds out the situation that Amalie Lennox is going through she is also going through will that help? will she just leave everything behind and give up? Will she stay with the group? Or will she run and hide for the rest of her life? Read to find out


4. fixing the wounds (part 2)

*louis pov*

Katie lifted her shirt and my eyes nearly popped out of my head

"Oh. My" Liam said shaking his head

"Can you please just fix my cuts please" she said while trying to cover herself

"You can trust us Katie we won't try anything" I told her putting my hand on her shoulder

"O-okay" she said and put her arms to her side

Liam put the alcohol on one of her deeper cuts and she started crying and squeezing my hand

"It hurts so bad"

"I know I know it's only until we fix you up then there won't be anymore pain"

"Do you promise?" She asked me hopeful

"I promise" I reassured her

After about half an hour all of her cuts were fixed and she was much happier

"Thank you Liam and Louis i would stay but I have to talk to Niall"

"We understand have fun" I smiled at her

"I will" she laughed and smiled back she headed upstairs and just like that she was gone

Sorry for the chapter being so short I will make the next chapter long I promise but for now if you have any questions or if you want to message me message me on my kik


Thank you so much for reading my story/ stories it means a lot to me thank you so much

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