Ride or die

Katie (Kay/Kate) ross is running from her abusive mother when she bumps into her childhood best friend, Niall horan, they love each other but Katie can't admit it she needs some serious convincing. She also finds a diary from from the late 1930's and she finds out the situation that Amalie Lennox is going through she is also going through will that help? will she just leave everything behind and give up? Will she stay with the group? Or will she run and hide for the rest of her life? Read to find out


3. fixing the wounds (part 1)

*Katies pov*

"Katie" Niall asked

"Yes" she said teary eyed

"Did anyone else know about this"

"No nobody"

"Why didn't you tell anybody Kay" he looked down He looked so... Angry and hurt

"She threatened to kill me ni that and who would I go to I've been to cps remember?"

"Yeah I do"

"I hated it they treated me differently"

"Listen Kay i will protect you I care for you as long as your with me your safe" he hugged me and I felt so safe and loved

"Okay okay"

I looked into his eyes I remember them from when we were little I could've stared at them for years if I could have they just suck you up just like Niall I loved him I did but when he started dating other girls I then knew he didn't feel the same so I just told everyone I wasn't ready to date and he has my heart and he doesn't even know it yet

*cough cough*

"Umm guys we are right here.. Ouch" louis said

"Don't ruin the moment" Liam I think said

"Actually my heads hurting a little bit do you um mind if I can go get cleaned up"

"I'll take you since our little lepricahn can't seem to focus" Liam said

"Sorry mate uh I'll go uh lay down yeah I'm goin to my room see ya mate and you pumpkin come to my room when your all cleaned up"

"Okay bye ni"

He waved and walked upstairs Liam took me too the kitchen he got out alcohol and a bunch of other stuff to clean my wounds

"Okay I'm going to do your face then your gunna need to take you shirt off so I can do that part"

"What no!!" My eyes widened "I am not taking this shirt off in front of you"

"Katie I have a girlfriend and a sister and a mom I've seen girls in their bras it's normal"

"I'm not comfortable with it"

"It's okay you can trust me" he looked into my eyes and I tried to look for any doubt or any way to see if he was lying. He wasn't.

"O-okay" I closed my eyes and he lifted my chin up with his hand and he put the alcohol on my face

"What the fu... dge what the fudge Liam that hurt" I said with a tear slipping from my eye

"I'm sorry I should have warned you" he said while wiping the tear away

"It's okay it wasn't your fault"

"Is everyone okay what happened Lou is to the rescue" Louis said while wearing a towel as a cape

"It's fine the alcohol just burned me" I said giggling

"Oh well do you want me to hold your hand so you can squeeze it or something"

"Uh sure I guess so"


He came over and helped me with the pain after a couple of minutes my face was all fixed now was the worst part of this..

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