Im back home ~ Austin Mahone <3

Austin mahone goes back to his home town. What happens when he exposes his feelings for his Bestfriend's Sister. Will Alex approve of a new teen sensation dating his sister...


3. Chapter 3


"So?" Alex mumbled "did you at least get with one?" He turned his attention back to Austin "well I went out with this one girl ice skating but she turned out to be a crazy Mahomie, so after that I didn't bother dating again" "sucks to suck" I mumbled under my breath "What's your problem!! Ever since I got here you've been acting different" then he just got off the car angrier than I accepted him to be "Dave can I talk to steph real quick" Alex told Dave. Awh great another big brother lecture "sure" them Dave disappeared "What's going on, why are you acting like that with Austin" "I don't know" I looked in the opposite direction of Alex "Can you just tell me what's wrong!" All I could say was "Austin" "what about him?" He looked confused "Can we talk about it later just let me think!" "Think about what?!" I don't know, maybe I like Austin more than I should, but I couldn't say that. "Of what I want" "Wait wait you like Austin!!" Okaay maybe he's not as dumb as I thought "I don't know yet!"

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