Im back home ~ Austin Mahone <3

Austin mahone goes back to his home town. What happens when he exposes his feelings for his Bestfriend's Sister. Will Alex approve of a new teen sensation dating his sister...


2. Chapter 2


Omg did Austin just introduce him self to me? "Silly I know who you are!" I pushes his shoulder joking around "oh yeaah" he go all but why? It's just me "so were going to your house!" Alex told Austin " Alex I'm going with Jake today" I reminded him.


Jake, who's jake? "Ohh yeah, so your not staying?" Alex looked as confused as I did. "sorry jake has a game today I have to go!!" "Why!" Oops! I didn't mean to say it, well I did but not out loud "for your information it's my last high school game, not only mine but yours, plus my boyfriend is quarterback I have to go and support him". She gots a point but the thing is how did she end up with football star, Jake Ross. When I left she was a nobody. What happen when I left?

We headed toward my house "soo how's life in the big city!" Alex asked "it was great, the beach is a beauty, the place is pretty chill, but busy when the sun is down and a lot of hot chicks!!" "Hey a girl is still in the car" steph had an annoyed look on her face, but why? She had a boyfriend...

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