Im back home ~ Austin Mahone <3

Austin mahone goes back to his home town. What happens when he exposes his feelings for his Bestfriend's Sister. Will Alex approve of a new teen sensation dating his sister...


1. Chapter 1


I'm on a plane heading home drone my first tour. Im gonna miss the screaming fans but at the same time I'm happy I'm going back home to my friends and family.

* 2 hours passed *

The plane finally landed. I head to lobby to pick up all my suitcases. I saw Alex and also Dave, yes I know what your thinking why isn't Dave with me. He had to leave the tour due to little sister problems.

"Hey man I missed you!!" Alex came attacking me as I walked towards the guys. "Hey sorry I had to leave early on your first sold out tour!" "No problem, there's always next year! I'm just glad to see you guys, hey where's Robby I thought he would be here?" Alex and Dave just started to crack up after I asked that question " he- he he has a job!!" "Wow what happen to kings don't work" I started to laugh with them. After we all caught are breath I asked " so it's only you two who came?" "Nahh steph came" Alex mumbled "where is she anyways?" Dave asked "ohh there she is" Alex pointed pointed out a total different Stephanie, she wasn't the same little girl with glasses and braces as I left. I have to admit she was always pretty but now she looks beautiful.. My jaw just hinged open "Woahh" I whispered to myself "hey close your mouth!" Alex elbowed me "Hey Alex, Dave..Hey Austin!" "Umm he-ey I'm Ay-Austin!"

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