So hi guys, this is my first imagines book. I'm accepting requests for imagines at the time, so if you want one kik me @writerdrawer, or comment below ⬇️⬇️


6. Mina and Jack Frost: Disneyland.

I glanced at Mina as we drove, watching as her expression slowly changed from tired to excitement as she noticed where we were going.

"Oh my flipping gosh! Jack!" She squealed excitedly.

"So I take it you're excited?" I asked cheekily, as she bounced up and down in her seat.

"Of course I'am! It's friggin Disney!" Mina screamed causing me to flinch slightly, but still laugh and shake my head.

"You are some sort of weird." I teased, but ended up laughing at her shocked face. "But you're my weirdo." I said winking, but once again laughing as a blush crept up her cheeks.

****At DisneyLand***

Once again Mina was practically jumping in place as we stood in line. I saw her stop and her mouth fall agape as she pointed slightly ahead of us.

"Oh my gosh do you know who they are?" She whispered as a rainbow haired boy, and brown haired boy walked in.

"No but I'n assuming you're going to tell me?" I whispered putting her hand down slightly so she was no longer pointing.

"That's Matthew Lush and Nick Laws, only two of the all time bestest Youtubers like ever, and also happen to be one of the cutest couples ever as well." She said in one breath. "Next to us of course." She added standing on her tip toes and pecking my lips softly.

I felt a large grin spread across my lips as I felt the familiar sparks spread throughout my body and ignite my blood.

"Next!" I looked up and realized that it was us, quickly I grabbed Mina's hand, and raced into the park after paying.

Once inside we both stood there gaping in awe. "Let's go on Splash Mountain!" Mina squealed and started running toward the direction I hoped was Splash Mountain, dragging me behind her.

***End of the day***

Me and Mina walked hand and hand toward the gates while I looked around frantically for the person in a large mouse costume.

"Jack what are you looking for? And why are you sweating so much?" Mina said pulling her hand out of mine and wiping it on her jeans.

I felt relief wash over me as I saw the two famous black circles called ears coming toward us. Instead of answering Mina I grabbed the top of her forearms gently and pulled her towards me, crashing our lips together in one fluent motion. Both of our eyes closed and our lips moved in sync. I felt the familiar sparks I loved dearly fill my body, once again igniting my blood into flames. Suddenly Mina pulled away, I opened my to see her turned around. I poked my head out from behind her confused, and saw the one and only Mickey Mouse, on one knee, holding a ring out to a confused and shocked Mina.

"Oi!" I screamed causing Mina to jump, I walked out from behind her, and took the ring from the Mouse. "Shoo! Before I send a cat after you!" I joked, chuckling as he ran away his hands in the air. Felt heat full my cheeks as I saw Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and soon followed by Mickey Mouse, peering at us from behind a tree.

"Jack? What's going on?" I was awoken from my thoughts by Mina's voice.

Immediately, my nerves kicked into hyperdrive, my brain filled with 'ifs'. 'What if she said no?' 'What if she said she wasn't ready for a commitment as big as this?' 'What if. What if. What if.' Letting out a broken breath, I dropped to one knee, held the ring out with shaky hands. And looked up into Mina's eyes that were wide and filling with tears.

"Mina. I've loved you for quite some time now, and... And well.. Your the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. From the day I met you, to now, my love for you has only increased. Through all the ups and downs, I promise to be here for you. Will you be my wife?" I asked feeling tears fall down my cheeks, while I chewed on the inside of my cheek as the nerves were eating me by the second.

I let out a broken sigh, defeated, I had been kneeling there for five minutes and all she had done was stare at me with wide eyes and tears falling from her eyes. I stood up and was about to put the ring back in my pocket. But stopped as she grabbed the collar of my hoodie pulling me towards her, in an instant, our lips were connected. Our lips moved in sync for a few seconds, then Mina pulled away and rested her forehead against mine.

"I thought you'd never ask." She said breathlessly as I jumped back wide eyed.

"Does that mean..." I said feeling joy erupt inside of me as she nodded. I felt my lips curve upward into a large smile as u placed the ring on her finger. I grabbed her hips picking her up and spinning us both in a circle, both of us laughing together. I set her down, but never let go of her. Once again we laughed as the Disney characters ran from behind the tree and formed a circle around us, jumping up and down. As if it wasn't already perfect, little white flecks started to fall from the clouds, I watched as snow landed in Mina's hair, and as her eyes danced with excitement.

Mina squealed and wrapped her arms around my neck while I chuckled and wrapped mine around her waist. "You really are Jack Frost." She whispered in my ear, causing me to get goosebumps. "I guess that makes me Mrs. Jack Frost." She said, and right here. Right now. Was perfect.

A/N I hope you like it!!! Sorry it took so long, but you got see a more mature yet still playful side of Jack. I was super excited to write this one, cuz I also love Disney and Jack Frost. Of course I has to add Matthew Lush and Nick Laws tho, no Disneyland story would be complete without them!!! Haha ok I'm done.

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