So hi guys, this is my first imagines book. I'm accepting requests for imagines at the time, so if you want one kik me @writerdrawer, or comment below ⬇️⬇️


4. Cry and Ronnie Radke: Nice to meet you

I stood in line waiting to get into the concert, I could feel my excitement practically bursting at the seams. I was finally able to see my favorite band Falling In Reverse, but more importantly, Ronnie Radke.

"Next!" I heard the deep voice of the security officer boom, and looked ahead slightly. Two more people then me. Two more people.

About three minutes later I was in the stadium searching for my seat. I felt my jaw hit the ground as I found my seat, which was two rows away from the stage. Thank you mr radio guy. As soon as I was in my row and seat, I looked at my watch '6:50' the show started at 7. Ten minutes. Ten minutes. I looked around the stadium shocked, for ten minutes to go until the concert began, not many people were here. My eye caught movement towards the back of the stage and I felt my jaw hit the ground once again. I watched the figure come out from behind the stage, then jump down. He walked up the aisles then stopped in front of my seat, our eyes locked, I felt like my heart would explode from excitement. The one and only Ronnie Radke was walking into my aisle, and was sitting down next to me. He sat down and put his feet up on the back of the chair in front of him, and his arms spread out across the back of my chair and the chair opposite of him.

"Love the hair, so you excited for the show?" He asked all I could do was gulp and nod slowly, still unbelieving the sight in front of me. "You ok?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

I cleared my throat and nodded. "I'm f..fine. It's just. You're here, and I'm here. Am I dreaming, please don't wake me up if I'am." I said quickly, and slightly confused, why would he pick to sit next to me? What stood out about me? After all, I'm just another fan with purple hair.

"Like I said, I love the hair." He said as he glanced at his watch. "Now I've got to go, but here." He said as he handed me a piece of paper. "Give me a call after the show." He said with a wink and started to walk away, but spun around on the balls of his feet. "Oh, I never got your name."

"Cry... My names Cry." I said as I stared at him in shock once again.

He flashed his white teeth, and walked away, jumping back onto the stage, and disappearing behind it once again. All throughout the concert, I kept going over the encounter. Was it real? Did I imagine it? I had to put my hand in my pocket quite a few times just to feel the paper. Well, the paper felt real. So hopefully this was real.

After the concert I drove back to my house and went straight to my room, as soon as I was I sat down on my bed. I took my phone out and hesitantly dialed the number. After three rings a familiar voice picked up.

"Hello? Who is this? How'd you get my number?" I felt excitement brew inside of me once again.

"Cry.. It's Cry." I said begging him to remember. The line was dead for a minute and I felt my heart drop. "Hello?" I asked timidly.

"I'm here, and I was hoping you'd call." He said.

We talked all night, until I fell asleep, while still talking. When I woke up the next morning I saw I had an unopened message, I quickly opened it and read it. Feeling my heart soar once again.

"Night xx" read the text.

A/N Hope you liked it! I'm sorry if I got anything wrong, I had just heard about him when you told me. What I learned was from Wikipedia and friends. So ya.. Anywho sorry I was so stupid and didn't understand your comment, I can be quite slow at times, thank you for staying patient with me!! It's much appreciated!!

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