Help me!

" I need you jake to help me out and please don't let him find me or he will kill me. Please jake". I asked crying. "Yeah I will help you rose".

Rose ran away from her stepfather after he tried to kill her and she ran away to live with her best friend jake. She goes to his house in need of help and jake does everything he cans but what happens when rose tries to kill her self and they both fall in love and rose's stepfather tries to find and kill rose? Read to find out!


1. why me?

I ran down the stairs as he ran after me and I tripped and hit my head, the total blackness. I awoke in a my room and noticed I had bruises on my arms and scratches the suddenly I remember last night. I was running and screaming at my drunk stepfather. My stepfather always hits me and I hate it so much and I wanna run away from home , but I can't cause he would find me and try to kill me and I won't let that happen.

The reason I live with my stepfather is that my mom ran away from him and forgot to take me with her. She ran away with her friend Michelle. My stepfather got angry at my mother for it and he use to hit me and insult me and he would even lock me in my room. He got so drunk one day he hit me in the head over and over again with a broken bottle. The pain hurt so bad but I dealt with it. I wish I left with my mom.

I quickly got up from the bed took a shower and dressed quickly and I walked down the stairs quietly and grab my bag and phone and wallet. I ran a couple of blocks but I finally reached my best friend jake. I called his cell phone and he answered " hello...hello rose. Are u there? Hello"."uh.. Ya I am here outside your window can I come in "."yea, sure rose". I hanged up and walked to the front of the house and waited till jake opened the door and I slipped inside and dropped my bag on the floor. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Jake followed me and sat next to me. " hey rose, what wrong "."my stepdad tried to kill me yesterday jake. I was just doing homework and he came up to me and started yelling and me and took a knife and tried to stab me and I pushed him into the wall and he fell and I ran down the stairs and I tripped and I blacked out. I woke up with bruises on my arms". I said tears spilling down my face. " hey don't worry okay. I am always here for you no matter what , baby girl"."thank you so much jake"."can I got to the bathroom?"."yea sure". I got up and went up the stairs to the bathroom and locked the door .

I looked at my self in the mirror and I saw a ugly fat ass girl with stupid curly hair and a huge nose. I also saw scratches on my face. I started crying cause I was ugly no matter what. I sat on the floor and I started pinching my self and I started crying.

A couple minutes later. Jake knocked on the door and when I didn't open it fast he grabbed the key and unlocked it and saw what I did. " rose, what the hell did you do ?". He looked at my arms all red from pinching my self and scratches from my long nails." I hurt my self"."rose why baby. Why the hell did you do that your freaking perfect ". He grabbed my hand and lifted me up. "Let's go lie down and we will talk about it later". I followed him and layed down and fell asleep in his arms.

Authors note: hey guys my names zenaida but most people call me z. This is my first story and if you can read it and comment what you think I will finish writing it and I am sorry if it sucks! Xoxo z. <3 :)

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