What We Have

All those years, growing up so alone. No one to play with. No one to look up to. No one to protect. And now... These people just come strutting into my life. I was a foster kid. Constantly thrown out of peoples homes because I wasn't a cute little kid or they finally had their own kid. All my life I was thrown from house to house. Some foster parents loving, others were abusive. I was almost killed by one family, I had been hospitalized for three months, getting my vitals set back into place. But now, after sixteen years. Sixteen damn years my real family shows up to come get me.
Here's how it went...


1. Mom? Dad? Brother?

             "Artemis? Can you come with me please? There's some people who want to meet you."  I slowly blinked, then stood up. "Yeah, sure. It's not like they'll want me anyways. What's the harm?" ​I​ said sarcastically. I followed her down the hallway into conference room 6, my room (I always have my meetings in this room). The family, looking lively as ever, looked so happy to see me. A woman with brown hair, brown eyes, about 5'4". A man with blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5'7". They both looked to be in their late thirty's - early forty's. Then there was a boy, about fifteen years of age. Blonde hair and brown eyes, about 5'3". I sat down across from them. Looked at all of them, why would such a lovely family want me? The man and woman began tear up, the young boy looked away.  

"Oh sweetie," ​cried the woman. "We've been looking for you all over! And now, now we've found you..." ​"Umm... No offense, but who are you people" I stated. "Oh..Mhm... I guess we should have told you first." The man stated. "Well Artemis... You see, when you were a little girl, just born actually, we weren't ready to be parents yet and we wanted ​​the best for you. Your mother and I ​were heartbroken when we gave you up! But we knew it was for the best. After three months or so of haven given you up, your mother was pregnant again, with your brother. About nine and a half months later she gave birth to him. We were ready to be parents. But we just didn't want to be parents for him. We wanted out little girl back. So for the past fifteen years or so, we've been looking for you" I didn't know what to say, so I lashed out in anger. "Wanted the best for me!? Little girl!? I waited sixteen years! And now, now!? After everything!? You suddenly want me back!!? You cant just waltz in here like I'm your daughter!! I've been through twelve families! They ALL gave me up! I was abused in seven of those houses! I was hospitalized for three months because of one family! But oh no!! Now you're here, everything is soo much better!​ I can just pretend like I spent the last sixteen years of my life with you! God.. What is wrong with you people!?" I stormed out of the room, infuriated. How dare they! Ugh.. Where' Christina when I need her!?!? Or Peter!?!?​​​​​​   Just then, I turned around realizing I was going the wrong direction when I ran into the boy, my brother. "Oh! Sorry for yelling at you. I'm just really mad." "Trust me I am too. I just found out last week. That's when they found you." "why'd you guys wait a week?" "We cleaned out your room and your bathroom. Turns out they've been putting money off to the side so they could but you new things and help pay for college if you ended up going. It's not like they really needed to..." "They went through all that trouble for me..?" ​I pondered on that when a voice broke my concentration. "Hey Artemis!" ​said a voice behind me. I turned around to see Christina and Peter walking towards me. "How'd the meeting go? Who's this kid?" "It went... And this.. Is my brother. My biological brother." "Wait!" ​Christina budded in, "Your biological parents and brother showed up to adopt you!? That's amazing!!" " Yeah, I guess," ​I turned to my brother, "What's your name again? I forgot to ask earlier." "Oh it's Joseph. But everybody calls me Joey" "Okay thanks." "ARTEMIS!" ​My counselor bellowed, "You get back in that conference room and talk to your parents! Oh Joseph! You already came to get her." "It's Joey." ​He stated. "Fine. I'll go."​ I stated, "On one condition though... Christina and Peter come with me." "You are a stubborn one..." "Yeah, yeah. Come on guys." We all walked back to the conference room, Christina on my right and Peter on my left. Joey went and sat next to his parents... My parents... Our parents... We continued talking about the situation and how they wanted to adopt me. I respectfully declined their offer but my counselor said I didn't have a choice. I would be moving in with them. And I would be moving to a different town, in a different state. While my new parents were signing my adoption papers, Christinas' and Peters' counselors barged in. They had meetings too.​​​​        





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