What makes yo beautiful

this story is about a girl named Elizah who becomes good friends with the bation wide known band One Direction and her friends find out how the storys by reading my fanfic :)


1. The first day

      Beep, beep, beep. My alarm went off.

             “Rise and shine honey” my mother said from the door.

 “Uggghhhh first day of school” I moaned. I heard my mother on the phone

“Oh no yes I’ll tell the girls and Mark” my mother said. My mom was now crying on the shoulder of my dad, Mark. They both came in, my mother was crying so my father was the one talking.

     “Umm, sweety” he said “Your grandmother passed away this morning”. Right away I pushed them out the door, tears rushing down my face. After about an hour of crying I quickly ran to the bathroom to wash my face.

“It’s the first day of school I need to make an impression besides how hard can it be” I said to myself.

   I started walking to Delacorte High School. I walked into my first class, a boy named Bryan tripped me as I walked in.                                                              

“Hey woah watch where you’re going”, said Bryan.

“Um sorry “ I said

I left to the bathroom I was humiliated on her first day of 10th grade. Breonna followed out the door but stopped to say something.

 “Bryan I know you’re my brother but your being a jerk to her.”

  She went to the bathroom and saw me crying.

   “What’s wrong?” Breonna.

  “Well my grandma died today and I got humiliated on the first day of school” I said in a teary quivery voice.

 “It’s okay the guy that tripped you was my brother Bryan I know he can be a real jerk sometimes but if you give him a chance he can also be the nicest person you could ever know.”

    “It’s okay I don’t really care if he doesn’t like me but I want him to respect me” I said.

  “Okay I’ll talk to him” said Breonna.

  That day after school Breonna talked to Bryan she said

 “Elizah was really embarrassed you know and her grandmother died this morning you should really apologize.”

 “Oh gosh I didn’t know that when I try to just mess around I get a little out of hand I’ll get her some flowers and a card tomorrow and apologize I feel terrible now” said Bryan.

The next day when she walked through the doors Dakota was waiting for Elizah so he could apologize he said

 “I feel so bad and I’m really sorry for what I did and for your loss I was just trying to mess around but I got to out of hand”

  “Wow thanks I feel a little better now and I do understand you just wanted to joke around” I said. Breonna walked up to us “Hey I got key chains for us but there are three” she said

  “Then give one to Bryan”

Paris got best, I got friends and Bryan got forever. So now they were all best friends forever.

   The next day at school they all walked into home room at the same time.

  “Hey Ms. Cho Chang do we have any homework today” said Bryan.

 “No, no homework for today”

  “See Elizah I told you that Bryan is nice person you had to give him a chance.” said Breonna

   “Yeah I know you were right it was kind of unexpected for us to be friends after he tripped me but now I really actually like him” I said

I went to the bathroom.

 “See Bryan you just had to apologize for her to forgive you and even be your friend” said Breonna

 “Ok I know you were right and I was wrong and she’s actually really cool I really actually like her” said Bryan

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