What makes yo beautiful

this story is about a girl named Elizah who becomes good friends with the bation wide known band One Direction and her friends find out how the storys by reading my fanfic :)


2. Into you

             The next day at school they all met up before school by the bleachers outside in the back of the school.

"Hey we should all hangout at my house after school" (Elizah)

"Yeah I'm free after school!" (Bryan)

"Oh, sorry I cant I have singing classes with my personal instructor, but you guys can chill together." (Breonna)

"Ok so I'll just walk home with you." (Bryan towards Elizah)

"Alright sounds good" (Elizah)

*The School day went by Elizah and Bryan meet at the doors of the School*

"Hey Elizah you ready to go?" (Bryan)

"Yeah haha I'm ready" (Elizah)

*They arrive at Elizah's house*

"C'mon lets go up to my room" (Elizah)

*they lay their things on the floor and they both lay on her bed*

"So since we're besties tell me who yuh like." (Elizah)

"You want me to be honest?" (Bryan)

"Of course." (Elizah)

"Well to be honest I'm really into you." (Bryan)

"Aww oh my gosh I like you too, like a lot." (Elizah)

"Really?" (Byan)

"Yeah really, I dont suppose you would be my boyfriend?" (Elizah)

*holds out his hand*

"It would be my honor" (Bryan)

*both holding hands while laying down*

"Your such a gentleman." (Elizah)

*Lays her head on his chest and they both fall asleep*

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