Moving places

What happens when Chelsea moves to California and becomes neighbors with her best friend? Will there be drama? Is there gonna be any love in the air? Read to find out!


3. Starting a new school

Chelsea's POV

Today is my first day of school in California, I'm taking the bus with Kheana today. I'm waiting at the bus stop for Kheana to come. There is a boy that is at the stop that looks like he's in junior year of his high school. The guy walks up to me and we start a conversation. Hi my name is Hunter. He said. Hi I'm Chelsea. I said to him. So you must be new around here? He asked me. Yes I just moved here yesterday. I told him. So have you made any friends yet? He asked me. Well not technically, you see I have a friend that lives here and I've known her since we were little and she goes to this school. I told him. Oh I see who is she? He said. Her name is Kheana, I replied. Wow your her friend? Your gonna be very popular at school then. He told me. What do you mean? I asked him. Well you see she is one of the most popular girls in school and so are her friends. He explained. Oh I see so what your saying is I'll get along easily with everyone and I'll be very popular? I explained to him. Yes that's what I'm saying, he said. Hey girl! I heard a familiar voice yell out to me. I looked to see who it was and it was Kheana. So you are popular at school I hear? I asked her. Yes I am but no need to worry my friends will love you, you'll fit right in with us. She explained to me. Then the bus pulled up and we got in.

Skip the ride to school

So Hunter you busy this week? I asked him. Well on Wednesday in free why? He told me. Well I was wondering if we could hang out together after school and you could help me with my hw since your a junior at Kinley High school and I'm a sophomore. I explained to him. Ok it's a plan, he replied to me.

Hunter's POV

So I just agreed to hang out with Chelsea on Wednesday. She seems like a really nice girl and I would love to be her friend I don't think of as more than that though just a friend.

When they get to school

Kheana's POV

We just got in the school and I know what everyone is thinking who is that girl and why is she already hanging out with popular people? They're not being rude,they're just wondering who she is and since she's new how and when did she become friends with someone who's already popular on her first day here? I'm talking about Chelsea. So wanna meet my friends here? I asked Chelsea. Yeah sure, she told me. Hey guys I want you guys to meet a friend of mine, I introduced the gang to her. This is Chelsea, she's my BFF since first grade. I said to the gang. Chelsea these are my friends, I told Chelsea. Hi I'm Chelsea! She said. So their names are Harry,Naill,Zayn,Liam,Louis,Kate, Kylie,and Vikky. These are my friends. I explained to her. Hi! They all say. So do you want to know who's in a relationship or not and who's with who? I asked her. Umm sure she told me. Ok so Harry and Kate are together, Zayn and Vikky are together, Liam and Kylie are together, last but not least me and Niall are together. And Louis is single. I said to Chelsea.

Chelsea's POV

So Kheana introduced me to her friends and told me who's dating who and who she was dating and that Louis is single. Her and Niall make a good couple they are a cute couple, so are they rest. I wonder why Louis is single I mean he's pretty hot if I say so myself. But I have a boyfriend who's back in Texas. Everyone seems pretty nice here at this school,unlike back in Texas people would be rude all the time. So are you taken or not? Asked Louis. Well I have a boyfriend back in Texas, his name is Noah. I told him.

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