Moving places

What happens when Chelsea moves to California and becomes neighbors with her best friend? Will there be drama? Is there gonna be any love in the air? Read to find out!


9. Love is in the air!!

Kate's POV

So ever since my breakup with Harry I've been heartbroken. He broke my heart. Louis has been there to comfort me but it's not enough. But I am starting to develop feelings for someone else. It's Hunter. He's just so nice to me and he's been there for me through thick and thin. I love his personality. He makes me smile and laugh.

Hunter's POV

So I have been developing feelings for one of Chelsea's friends. It's Kate. I know she's a year younger than me and she's one of my sister's friends but I like her. She's so beautiful and I love her for her. She makes me feel like I'm a someone not a nobody. I like her for that she's very caring. I think I'll go ask Chelsea for some advice. Hey Chelsea can I ask you something? Yea sure what's up? She asked me. Well I like Kate but I don't know what to do about it I'm scared to tell her how I feel. I explained. Well first off you like Kate! And second of all you should go for it you should tell her how you feel and ask her to go out with you. She told me. KK thanx!! I yelled walking out of her room.

Louis' POV

So I've build up the courage to finally tell Chelsea how I feel about her to her and I'm doing it tomorrow. I don't know what she will say but I hope she'll go out with me.

Chelsea's POV

So I've started to have feelings for Louis but I don't know if he does about me hopefully. I don't want to tell him how I feel yet because he might not feel the same. I've got to talk to the girls.

C= Chelsea K= Kheana V= Vikky Ka= Kate Ky= Kylie

C- hey guys I have to tell you guys something

Ka- omg! Wat! I have something to tell y'all too!

V- ok then both of u spill already!

C- ok I'll go first, I like Louis

Ky- really y'all would be a really cute couple!

K- so now it's Kate's turn to tell us what she was going to say!!

Ka- ok so I like someone else and it's Hunter

C- really no way!!

K- again like Kylie said you'll make a good couple with Hunter too!!

C- btw Kate ur gonna love tomorrow!!

Ka- really why? And for u ur gonna love tomorrow too Chelsea!

C- it's a surprise you'll have to wait and find out!! What's happening tomorrow!!

Ka- it's a surprise!!

End of conversation

Hunter's POV

So today's the day I ask Kate out and I'm really nervous. But hopefully she says yes right? So here I go. Hey Kate! Oh hey Hunter!! She said. So I was wondering..... I really like you and I was wondering if you would like to go out with me? I asked her nervously. Really you like me? Of course I would go out with you I like you too!! She said now practically screaming. And I could tell by now everyone was watching us and wondering what was going on but who cares I got what I want and that's Kate!! I gotta go tell the girls about this!! She said.

Kate's POV

So the moment I heard Hunter congress his feelings to me I was so glad he did. And to make it even better he asked me out!! I said yes and now all I'm thinking is. Is this what Chelsea meant by I'm gonna love today? And do the others know about this? So I told Hunter I would go tell the girls about it. Hey guys!! Someone's in a happy mood. Said Vikky. Well yeah I mean Hunter asked me out and I said yes why wouldn't I be happy? Omg really he asked you out!! Asked Kylie. Well yeah! We didn't know that!! Said Kheana. But I knew!! Yelled Chelsea. I was the one who told him to ask you because he asked me what he should do cuz he liked you. She explained. And then after that you texted us that you liked him I was just so glad that I had to tell you that you'll like today!! Chelsea said. Oh so that's why you said that!! I said now finally understanding everything. So when is my surprise gonna come? Chelsea asked. Well I can't say!! I yelled. Oh come on Kate why not?!!! She said. Because it wouldn't be a surprise anymore! I said. Ugh this is killing me but as long as the surprise comes today then I'll be happy!! She yelled. Ok go to go bye!! I said.

L= Louis K= Kate

K- so when are you gonna ask Chelsea out?

L- calm down sis I'm gonna do it just I need your help

K- umm ok I'm in but why do u need my help?

L- well I need you to distract her

K- so how do I do that

L- so you'll ask if you can talk to her out near the fields and then once you guys get out there say that you need to go to the bathroom and that she needs to wait here after that you go away and I'll pretend like I didn't know she was there and then ask her.

K- ok I like the plan!! Can't wait!!!

L- ok let's get this plan into action starting in like now!!

K- KK!!

End of conversation

Kate's POV

I can't wait until she finds out Chelsea will be so shocked and happy too I know she'll say yes!! Ok so I need to get the plan into action!! Hey Chelsea can we talk in private for a minute? Yeah sure she said. But I want to talk to you near the fields I feel more comfortable there. Umm yeah sure ok let's start heading there!! She said. If only I could tell her I thought. Ok so I need to go to the bathroom for a sec can you wait here for me? Ok she replied. So I started heading back into the building where the girls were to talk to them while Louis asked Chelsea out. So where's Chelsea? Asked Kylie. Well you see Louis like her back and he's going to ask her out and he wanted me to bring her near the fields so he could ask and she thinks I'm in the restroom but oh wait until she finds out!! I said almost screaming. Omg really your brother likes her back that's so great?!!! Yelled Vikky. Yep! I said proudly.

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