Moving places

What happens when Chelsea moves to California and becomes neighbors with her best friend? Will there be drama? Is there gonna be any love in the air? Read to find out!


8. Joining the school's teams

Louis's POV

Hey Chelsea wanna hang out today? I asked while catching up to her. Umm yeah sure. She said. Hopefully it goes well and she feels the same way about me. So Louis are you in any of the school's sports teams? She asked me. That's an easy one for me. Well I'm on the soccer team and I'm the team captain. I explained to her. Oh wow I see! She said now all of a sudden interested in our conversation. Did you take any sports at your old school? I asked her. Well yes I did I was the captain of the cheerleading squad after Kheana moved and I was the co-captain of the swim team, also the captain to the school dance team! She said sounding very proud of herself. Wow that is a lot of things! I said. Got to go bye! She said.

Chelsea's POV

So today is the day that I tryout for the school's cheerleading squad and the dance team. I just love doing it!! I'm waking into the gym and I see Kheana wearing a cheerleader outfit I didn't know she would make the team because the school's squad is really good. But if she made it then that means I'll be able to make it. Turns out Kheana is the squads captain!! Go Kheana!!

Skip the tryouts

So right now I'm waiting for them to announce who made it in the squad. Lastly, congratulations Chelsea Smith!! Welcome to the team girl!! Yelled Kheana from the other side. Thanx! I yelled back. So now it's off to dance tryouts! So the dance captain for the school turned out to be Vikky and she made us do a warm up that had squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks. Then she taught us a routine that we needed to learn in an hour. So that we can perform it. The routine was easy but for some of the other girls it was hard. So now we are waiting to see who made it only 7 girls get to make it. Congratulations to!! Chelsea, Emily, Ariel, Kaylee, Madeleine, Nicole, and Tina!! You girls made it on the dance team!! Said Vikky.

At cheer practice

So this week the school's football team is playing their last game of the season and we want to cheer them on real good!! Kheana said trying to sound happy! So we wanna have the routine have tons of flips and pyramids in them. She said. Let's get started on the cheer everyone!! She screamed.

Kheana's POV

So today is practice for cheer and we new a new and fresh routine if we wanna help the football team win, also for us to go to championships. So let's start learning the routine!! I yelled. I'm glad to be on the same squad with my best friend Chelsea again.

After practice

Hey babe!! Yelled Niall. Hey! I yelled back. So wanna go out tonight? He asked me. Sure! I told him. So where are we going? I asked him. Well we are going bowling. He said.

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