Moving places

What happens when Chelsea moves to California and becomes neighbors with her best friend? Will there be drama? Is there gonna be any love in the air? Read to find out!


5. Hunter's my brother?

Hunter's POV

Today is Wednesday and I'm gonna be hanging out with Chelsea after school today, we're going to my house after school and I'm gonna help her with her hw.

So are you ready to have some fun with this guy? I asked trying to make it a joke. Hell yeah! I'm ready! She replied. Then let's get off this bus and start walking towards my house! I yelled.

Skip the walk to the house

Mom! I'm home! I yelled. Ok darling! She yelled back. So let's go upstairs and into my room. I told Chelsea.

Ok,why are there two other toms that are empty? She asked well one of the rooms is my older brother's room and the other one is a guest room, I replied to her. Is there any water I can have? She asked. Yeah sure it's downstairs in the kitchen just ask my mom for it. I told her. KK thanx! She yelled as she ran down the stairs.

Chelsea's POV

I walked up to a lady that was in her mid 50s and she was in the kitchen. She looked like she could've been Hunter's mom so I asked her. Mrs.Crowling do you have some water I can drink? I asked her. Yes dear here you go, she told me and gave me a bottle water. Just then a man walked into the kitchen and he looked like he had been in the garden planting things. The man looked oddly familiar like I have seen him somewhere but don't know where. He saw me and looked at me like he had seen me before too. Then the man said, Chelsea is that you? He asked me. The moment I heard that voice I knew who it was it was my dad! Why didn't I realize it was my dad the whole time! Yes it's me dad! I haven't seen you in so long! Why exactly are you here? I asked him. Well you see I live here now, that lady is my wife. He answered my question. What exactly are you here for? He asked me. Well I'm here because I became friends with Hunter at school and he's helping me with my hw. I replied. So since your here now I have something to tell you. My dad said. Since Mrs.Crowling is my wife that makes her your stepmom and Hunter your stepbrother, also he has an older named Kyle which is also your stepbrother. My dad explained to me. So Hunter's my brother? I asked him. Yes Hunter is your brother. My dad said. Awesome! I yelled. So does that mean I'm welcome here anytime? And I can stay here every other day or week? I asked. Yes your mom knows that this would happen just not when so you need to tell her you found me, He said. Ok, I Said. Then all of a sudden Hunter came in the kitchen and was saying. Chelsea what's taking you so long to get water? He yelled. But once he saw me talking to his stepdad he have me a questioning look. I started explaining to him. You see Hunter your stepdad is my real dad which makes your mom my stepmom, you and Kyle my stepbrothers. I explained to him. So your my half sister? He asked. Yes we are! I screamed. Cool! He yelled. Buy I don't think you'll like Kyle that much. He told me.

Hunter's POV

So I an still a bit shocked and freaked out from what I just found out. My stepdad is Chelsea's real dad! Which makes us step siblings! I'm shocked because I never saw that coming he did say something about losing contact with his daughter, but never did I think it would be someone I become friends with! I'm freaked out because she's one of the most popular girls and it's only her first week of school and me being her older brother as one of the guys that everyone knows but doesn't really care about. Now everyone's gonna be all over because I'm her older brother. It's kinda cool to have a younger sister, I've always wanted one. I hated being the youngest, plus there was just too many guys in the house. I think my mom will like her a lot. Now my mom won't have to be the only lady in the house. I always knew my mom wanted a daughter so I guess it's a good thing that this happened.

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