Moving places

What happens when Chelsea moves to California and becomes neighbors with her best friend? Will there be drama? Is there gonna be any love in the air? Read to find out!


1. Finding out

Chelsea's POV

My mom had just told me that we were moving to California and that we will be neighbors with my best friend Kheana. She had moved away to California a year ago and now I get to see her again. I will miss my friends here in Texas but also I get to see my BFF again, I've always wanted to live in California so I'm not that sad that we are moving.

Right now I'm helping my little brother pack up his stuff he's only 5 and he hasn't started school yet. He's one of the most annoying but cutest little brothers you could ever have. Sissy why do we have to move? Said my brother. Dylan we have to because daddy got a new job and we have to live near his job so he can go to work easier. I told my brother.

Once I finished packing for me and my brother I went on my phone and told my friends the news.

C= Chelsea K= Kheana N= Noemi A= Abby P= Perrie

C- Hey guys I have some news

A- omg! What?

C- Well I'm moving to California and Imma be neighbors with Kheana

K- omg! Really I can't believe it!

A,N,P- aww that's so sad I'm really gonna miss you!😪 But your also lucky that u get to see Kheana

C- well I'm gonna miss u guys too wish we could all be at the same school again

N- Are you gonna tell Noah that ur moving?

P- Yeah are u? He'll be sad to here it though

C- Yeah I'm gonna tell him, I'll miss him too we've been dating for 2 years now idk how he's gonna react to it though

End of conversation

C- Chelsea N- Noah

C- hey boo

N- hey babe

C- I have some news they're sad news

N- aww that's too bad what is it

C- well I'm moving to California on Sunday and I'm gonna be neighbors with Kheana

N- aww that's so sad I'm really gonna miss you babe but I'm glad you get to see ur BFF again

C- thanx but I want you to know this and remember this


C- that I will always love you no matter what I will never forget you

N-and I want you to remember this: that I will always love you too to the moon and back forever and always

C- night boo

N-night beautiful

End of conversation

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