Moving places

What happens when Chelsea moves to California and becomes neighbors with her best friend? Will there be drama? Is there gonna be any love in the air? Read to find out!


10. Bumping into some old friends

Louis's POV

So Chelsea do you want to go to the park and play a game of basketball? Umm sure but not to brag but I'm going to beat you!! She said. I'm not so sure about that!! How about we call the others and see if we could all meet up there and play together girls VS boys!!! She yelled. That's a great idea. Hey girls so I was wondering if you guys wanna meet at the park and play a game of basketball against the boys? Chelsea asked over the phone. Of course we'll be there!! In about how long? They asked. Ummm in about half an hour? She said. Seems good to us!! They said. So I did the same. So do y'all wanna play a game of basketball at the park against the girls? I asked over the phone. Yes we will be there!!!!! They all yelled into the phone. Ok so meet me at the park in half and hour? I asked. Ok!! They said.

Vikky's POV

So we played a game of basketball and us girls won and beat the boys. I was so proud I mean none of the girls are on a basketball team or anything and some of the guys are but we still beat them.

Chelsea's POV

So we just finished playing a game of basketball. So if it isn't the crybaby!! Yelled a girl. The moment I heard that voice I knew I heard it from somewhere but I wasn't quite sure who or from where. I turned around to see a blonde haired girl. I knew who it was now, Casey. She was the girl from my old school that has been torturing my friends. Here's the story behind it. We both used to he the best of friends we did everything together. But all that changed when I told her I wasn't her friend anymore because she was being so mean and a she devil. After that we got into fights and everyone now hates her. She was titled worst bitch in school at our school. And her nickname is the devil. The drama got so out of hand that no one wanted to hang or even be around her anymore. Well if it isn't Chelsea!!! She said. And if it isn't Julie!! So why are you here crybaby? She asked. Ohh I'm just here for a game of basketball with my new friends delvil!!!!! You know you don't have to be a mean! She said. What are you talking about!! I'm not the mean me here you are!! How could you say I'm mean when remember the things you've done they're so horrible!! You're right I'm sorry... that your face is jacked up!! She yelled. Ugh wish you would leave this place!! How are you even in California if you live in Texas? Because it's spring break and I'm here to seek my revenge back at you!! She said. Oh I'm scared!!! What you gonna do to me huh? Well that's for me to know and you to find out!! She said. You know what I'm done putting up with your shit long enough!! Glad to see you've given up?!! She asked. Oh no I'm not giving up, I'm just saying that I hate your guts!!! I will get you back!! She said. Your so ratchet!!! She said

Zayn's POV

We just finished playing a game of basketball when all of a sudden a girl screamed Chelsea's name. I was so confused at what was going on because the girl and Chelsea were both screaming at each other and starting a fight. I think I'll ask her what it was all about later after the girl leaves. But it the confusing part is standing right next to the girl was Calvin, he used to go to our school but then moved he used us he was like the devil's brother. And here he is standing next to the girl and saying things to Chelsea and helping the girl insult her.

Casey's POV

I really hate Chelsea's guts! I mean she has to go and ruin everything for me and she thinks she can get away with everything and get everything her way? NO!! I deserve to be happy in my life and not be miserable! At least Chelsea left that school. Now I can rule the school!!! Muah hahaha!!!! I'm going to get my revenge!! And it's gonna be right up in her face!!

Chelsea's POV

I can't believe Casey came all the way here form Texas to California just to get me back for revenge!! I mean seriously, who does that? It has already been claimed in like what grade? Oh yeah 6th grade that I got her good and I'm done with putting up with her sh*t!!! Everyone including her knows that I would never in a million years be her friend again!!! But noooo she thinks that it's her mission to get revenge right back at me.

Kheana's POV

I can't believe Casey would have the nerve to be here in California just to get revenge on me and Chelsea!!

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