Moving places

What happens when Chelsea moves to California and becomes neighbors with her best friend? Will there be drama? Is there gonna be any love in the air? Read to find out!


7. Breakups?

Noah's POV

It'd been almost a week since Chelsea has moved away and I miss her a lot!! I'm stressing out just thinking of her and the fact that she moved away!! I want to see the beautiful face of my girlfriend!! I haven't talked to her in ever since I guess I thought she was busy with starting a new school? But it's the weekend I might as well call her or text her and see how she's doing.

C- Chelsea N- Noah

N- hey babe I miss you

C- hey boo miss you too

N- how ya doing

C- great I love it here but wish you were here

N- did you make any new friends?

C- yeah they're great but they'll never replace the old ones

N- anything I need to know or catch up on?

C- yeah a lot

N- I have time go ahead tell me

C- I became friends with a guy that is a junior and turns out his stepdad is my real dad so it makes him my stepbrother weird right!?

N- yeah so I've been meaning to tell you this

C- what?

N- don't take this the wrong way but I love you with all my heart and I would never want to hurt you but I'm sorry I don't think this long distance relationship is gonna workout and so we're gonna have to end it We can still be friends?

C- oh um sure we can still be friends I have to go bye!

End of conversation

I still love her no matter what I don't know why I even did that yeah I know that most long distance relationships never work out I know from experience that long distance things never work out. Yeah I'm gonna miss her but it was for the better for both of us.

Chelsea's POV

I can't believe he would do that!! He promised he would never hurt me like that and that he loved me forever and always but apparently not!! I can't believe I even loved him!! We should've just stayed best friends instead of become a couple!! I've known him for so long!! I can't believe he would do that!! I'm so hurt right now I don't even know what I did to deserve that!! I need to tell Kheana this right now!! I dialed her number on my phone. Hey girl what's up? She said answering the phone. Well I was just texting Noah and he just broke up with me!! I screamed into the phone. Wow I can't believe he would do that to you I mean he promised you he would never do that but he did!! She said surprised at what I had just told her. Noah is just an asshole! She yelled into the phone. Yeah I agree. I said to her calmly into the phone. Well got to go bye! She said happily.

Harry's POV

So I've been thinking about this the past week. I like Kate but it's just not the same anymore like how we used to be. I'm starting not to love her as much any more day after day. I wanna tell her this but she's Louis' twin sister and Louis is my best friend I don't want to hurt the both of them at the same time. I just don't know what to do I mean I don't want this relationship with Kate to last any longer but I want to still be friends with Louis. I'll just have to see what will happen if I tell her.

H- Harry K- Kate

H- hey we need to talk

K- sure what's wrong babe

H- you see I like you Kate but it's not like how it used to be and I didn't mean to hurt you but it's just not right for me to be doing this

K- oh I see Harry it's fine just don't talk to me again!

End of conversation

I feel so like shit doing that but it had to be done I don't want to be with her anymore but I didn't want to hurt her it's too late now I just broke her heart. I don't know what Louis is gonna do to me but I know it's bad

Kate's POV

Harry just broke up with me and I'm just sitting here in my room crying about how it happened!! I thought he loved me!! I thought I loved him!!! Hey Kate you okay? Louis asked coming into my room and sitting down next to me on my bed. I don't know how Louis is gonna take this because him and Harry are the best of friends. But I might as well tell him. Harry just texted me and broke up with me!! I yelled while still crying. Harry did what? Louis yelled. He broke up with you!! Louis yelled now he was furious. I'm gonna have a talk with him he shouldn't have done that to you! He screamed angrily now storming off into his room.

Louis' POV

I cannot believe that my very own best friend Harry Styles would break my twin sister's heart!! I'm so furious and angry at him right now!!! I decided to call him and have a talk with him. Hey Harry why did you do that to Kate? I asked him. You see I don't like your sister anymore I don't like any girl right now and things aren't the same between me and Kate anymore. He explained I could tell he was sad. I didn't mean to hurt your sister's feelings and most of all I didn't want you to get mad at me I hope you and me can still be friends? He asked by now I could tell he was very depressed. I'm sorry Louis, he said. It's ok man but next time tell me that you are gonna do that to her before you do it to her ok so then I won't freak out like this and have a heart attack! I said to him over the phone. Ok man I'm sorry so we friends again? He asked me. Yeah were cool friends again. I said

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