Stay Beautiful

May Parker and Bailey Anderson are best friends, but Bailey has a crush on Trent Parker (May Parker's brother) will she ever tell May? May is head over heals with Brice Summers, but Brice has a big crush on the prettiest girl in school Mallory Sky. Will May ever tell Brice she likes him? But that's not all. Is there another love story behind the scenes?


8. What Now?

Mays POV

I watched as Bailey dragged Stacey into the kitchen. " I wonder what's up with them I thought. I got up to go see what they were doing but I decided not to go in. It might be private and I don't want to intrude.

As I was walking back to the living room I could hear Brice and Trent talking. I stopped in the hallway not wanting to turn the corner or they would see me." So who is it then" I heard Trent say a little impatiently. Oh my gosh are they talking about who Brice likes! I thought I leaned in more so I could here. " ok ok it's Mallory Sky!"

And everything after that was muffled to me. Everything I saw turned blurry. I could literally feel my heart breaking, it was a extremely sharp pain.I could here them leaving saying something about going to play basketball. I went and sat on the living room couch. I felt numb and in shock.

I saw Bailey was in and say "what is it May". I could barely let the words out of my mouth as I said in a hoarse whisper "b-Brice likes m-m-Mallory." She took me and dragged me into the bathroom as the tears starting filling my eyes she hugged me and comforted me. As the tears were rolling down my cheeks I thought what am I gonna do now?

Piegirl14 write in the comments below who you thinks gonna end up together:)

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