Stay Beautiful

May Parker and Bailey Anderson are best friends, but Bailey has a crush on Trent Parker (May Parker's brother) will she ever tell May? May is head over heals with Brice Summers, but Brice has a big crush on the prettiest girl in school Mallory Sky. Will May ever tell Brice she likes him? But that's not all. Is there another love story behind the scenes?


18. The One

Brice's P.O.V.


I woke up happy this morning.

Im finally getting over Mallory. It wasn't easy but, I did it. I thought cheerfully.


"Hey brice, what's up man?" Trent jokingly smacked my back.

"Nothing, I've just decided to move on" I said with a cheeky grin. Trent let out a shout of happiness when I told him.


"What's going on?" Dylan asked, having heard Trent's shout.

"Our boy Bricey here, has decided to move on and find love somewhere else" Trent told him. I couldn't help but snort at his use of the name Bricey.

"Way to go man" Dylan congratulated me. Dylan had only been here three weeks but, he fit in perfectly with our group of friends. "Did you have anyone in mind?" He asked


"Actually-" i was cut off by May and Bailey.

"What's up guys?" May asked.

Trent just shrugged.

"So what were you saying?" He added ignoring his sisters question.


"Oh, no i didn't have anyone in mind did you?" I asked looking around for someone. The girl of my dreams had to be out there somewhere, right?


"Looks like the whole gangs here" Bryan chuckled. Stacey was following closely behind

"Hey guys, what's up?" I heard Stacey's voice chime in. Hmmm what about Stacey. She cool, and really funny, not to mention pretty. Too bad Dylan called dibs on her.

I watched as Bailey and May pulled Stacey aside and started talking in hushed tones. I looked around some more. The girl of my dreams has to be out there somewhere.


A loud laugh interrupted my thoughts. I looked where it was coming from. It was bailey. Was bailey my dream girl?

She couldn't be, her and Trent have a thing together... Right?

I moved onto the next girl in the circle. May. Could she be- nah! I chuckled to myself. May is like my little sister. We could never get together. Besides it would be like having a crush on trent, my best friend. She's the girl version of him. Too weird.


-butterflygrl :) hey guys sorry it took so long. And sorry for any mistakes 

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