Stay Beautiful

May Parker and Bailey Anderson are best friends, but Bailey has a crush on Trent Parker (May Parker's brother) will she ever tell May? May is head over heals with Brice Summers, but Brice has a big crush on the prettiest girl in school Mallory Sky. Will May ever tell Brice she likes him? But that's not all. Is there another love story behind the scenes?


13. staying the night


 Bay's P.O.V.

 "Are you mad at me?" I asked May while Stacey was in the bathroom. 

 "Why would I be mad?" She asked looking at me. She was currently changing into some pajamas. 

 "Because of Trent" I mumbled under my breath. she snorted.

 "You finally told her!" Stacey chanted as she walked out of the bathroom in some shorts and a tank top. May had a confused look on her face.

 "You told her before you told me?" She asked. I could hear it in her voice that she was slightly hurt.

 "Haha! No. It was so obvious. I found out on my own" she said with a smirk. I could tell May's mood went back up.

 "No, I'm not mad" she sighed getting back to our conversation. I felt the bed sink in on my right. It was Stacey sliding under the covers.  Before I knew it May was on my left.

 "So... You and Brice?" I heard Stacey giggle.

-ok guys I hope you don't mind but I wanted to do 2 different p.o.v. On this chapter.-


 Bryan's P.O.V.

 I was freezing cold. We should have never gone night swimming. we were all laying down in separate places.

 "Stacey is pretty" I heard someone whisper and I tensed at the sound of anyone liking my best friend.

 "Haha. So you like stacey! Go Dylan!" I heard Trent say.

 "She's available" Brice said.

 "Cool" i heard Dylan say. He can't like my best friend. Why am i getting so mad about this anyways? 

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