Stay Beautiful

May Parker and Bailey Anderson are best friends, but Bailey has a crush on Trent Parker (May Parker's brother) will she ever tell May? May is head over heals with Brice Summers, but Brice has a big crush on the prettiest girl in school Mallory Sky. Will May ever tell Brice she likes him? But that's not all. Is there another love story behind the scenes?


23. Phone call

Bay's P.O.V. I rolled over and slammed down my alarm button putting it on snooze. It wouldn't stop! I kept hitting snooze. "Bay!" I heard my mom shout. "Answer that stupid phone!" She yelled, i could hear the irritation in her voice. I finally opened my eyes and looked around for my phone. I usually slept with it under my pillow. It kept ringing and wouldn't stop! I finally found it tangled up in my sheets. "Hello" i muttered. Who calls this early? I don't even get up this early for school! "Bay" I heard through the phone. "Trent?" I questioned. Was it really him? I mean, I know he was out of the hospital but, I didn't expect him to call me. It was silent. What am i supposed to say? Why did he call? "How are you feeling?" He asked. "I should be asking you that" I chuckled. "Im fine, a little sore but, fine" he sighed. "Look, thanks for being there" he added. "I could always tell when you were there. The room always felt different" he continued. "Different?" I asked. "Yeah, like, lighter or happier" he said softly. What the heck is going on? "Trent, are you feeling okay?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for talking to me" he said. "Oh! And sorry for waking you up, i just couldn't sleep" he said quietly. Before i knew it the line was dead. I looked over at the clock, 5 A.M! I heard a knock on my door. "Come in!" I shouted. "Who was on the phone?" My mom asked sitting on the edge of my bed. "Trent" i said casually, even though on the inside i could feel butterflies. I saw my mom's eyes light up. "How is he feeling?" She asked. "He's doing a lot better" I said truthfully. "Good! Now, I'm going into work early today so, don't be late for school" she said getting up and kissing me on my forehead. I loved moments like that with my mom. Five minutes later i heard her pull out the drive way. I decided to get up. I looked around my room. It's a mess! I picked up the clothes lying around and put them in the hamper. Then i straightened my CD case and bookshelf, made my bed, and vacuumed. I heard my alarm go off. It was 6:30. I grabbed some black skinny jeans and a lime green t-shirt that said 'tight and bright' in a cursive font. I took a shower and got dressed. I was debating if i should leave my hair straight or curl it. As i was blow drying my hair I decided to leave it natural. Curls wouldn't stay in anyway. I walked down the steps an grabbed a banana and waited on the front steps for May. "You're finally ready on time!" She said. I could hear the surprise in her voice. "Haha, not funny" i said holding out my hand for her to help me up. "No seriously" she said. "Why are you up so early?" "I woke up early" I mumbled. "Thats a first!" Brice came up putting his arm around May's shoulders. When did this happen. I gave May a questioning look then finally answered to Brice's comment. "Shut up" I mumbled. "How's Trent?" He asked taking his arm from around her shoulders. "Better" she sighed. I could tell she was worried. "Hey guys! Wait up!" I heard from behind us. We turned around and saw trent hobbling towards us. "What are you doing?" May hissed. "Calm down, mom said i could come" he said calmly. "Whatever" she shrugged and kept walking. I caught up with her. "Jeez, I've been out of the hospital for a week and, she still treats me like a child" I heard him mutter. Brice laughed. "So...what's up with you and brice?" I asked. "Nothing" she sighed. "Hey Stacey!" She called. I raised my hand to wave at her and Bryan. I watched as she exchanged a couple words with Bryan then ran over to us. "Hey guys" she said cheerfully. I watched as Bryan waited for Dylan outside his house then, they both ran and caught up with Trent and Brice. -Hey guys! Miriam here A.K.A butterflygrl. I hope this chapter wasn't too boring :) Comment your opinions or thoughts :) Don't forget to like and favorite! :D

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