Stay Beautiful

May Parker and Bailey Anderson are best friends, but Bailey has a crush on Trent Parker (May Parker's brother) will she ever tell May? May is head over heals with Brice Summers, but Brice has a big crush on the prettiest girl in school Mallory Sky. Will May ever tell Brice she likes him? But that's not all. Is there another love story behind the scenes?


16. heartbroken

Mallory's P.O.V.

"What?!" I managed to choke out.

"I mean if you want to... Go out with me" he said quickly.

What am I supposed to say? I don't really like him. We're great friends and I don't want to ruin that.

"Look Brice" I said as I looked into his pleading eyes. Yes!" I said before I could back out. He looked is hopeful what was I supposed to say?

"Cool! Tonight at seven!" He said as he walked away.

What did I just get myself into? I thought as I let out a sigh.

"What's wrong?" I jumped at the voice behind me.

"Oh, hey May! You startled me" I said

"My bad. So what's wrong?" She asked again.

"Oh nothing." I breathed "it's just...Brice asked me out. I'm sorry I don't want to tell you all of my problems." I said quickly not knowing what got into me. Why was I telling this 11th grader my problems?

**almost 7 pm**

I let out a loud sigh, I've been doing that a lot today, as I applied my lipgloss. All done. Was I really about to go through with this? 'What are you getting yourself into Mal?' I thought as I heard the doorbell ring.

"Hey Brice" I said as I opened the door.

"Hey Mallory, I brought you some flowers" he said shyly. Oh great why did he have to be so sweet?

"Thanks. Why don't you come in while I put these flowers in a vase" I smiled while giving him a small hug.

"Ok" he said it so simple that it made me wonder what he was thinking.

"What are the plans for tonight?" I asked as I set the flowers on a small table.

"I thought we could go bowling?" He inquired.

"Sounds fun!" I said and I genuinely meant it. Wether I liked it or not he's a great friend.

**at mike's bowling ally**

"I'm gonna have to warn you, I'm not very good at bowling" I laughed as I got out the car.

"Don't worry neither am I" he admitted.

"Awww! Cute! Are you blushing?" I teased.

"No!" He chuckled.

"Sure mr.tough guy" I laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. Hush up!"

"Hush up? Who says that?" I asked giving him a quizzical look.

"I do" was all he said, and before I knew it I was slung over his shoulder and being hauled inside.

"Brice!!" I managed to wheeze out.

"Ok..ok." He said laughing so hard he snorted. Which made both of us laugh more.

** three bowling games later**

"I can't believe you beat me!" I shoved him playfully

"Haha...I can't help it if you suck" he shrugged. "So is there a date number two sometime soon?" He added after a while.What am I supposed to say? Oh gosh why did I put myself in this situation?

"Listen Brice," I said ", I like you and all...."

"There's a but in there somewhere. Right?" He asked. All I could do was nod.

"But... I don't wanna ruin our friendship." I finished off quickly.

"Oh, ok I understand" he said quietly as he got into the car.

Why did it have to happen this way? I thought as I walked through my front door.

-Miriam (butterflygrl)

--big shoutout to froggie982 thanks for commenting! We have a true fan! We really appreciate it! Just that comment let us know we should keep going! Thanks!

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