One life

A girl called Maya who has a deformity to the face. About her day to day life as a teen.....


1. how the world works

I hate when you move to a new school, every person stares at you, and for the entire week, you need to repeat your surname, and how to spell it. But it's worse for me, i have a deformed face. Just like the boy in Wonder. But instead of my name being August, and being a boy. Im a girl and my name is Maya. I wasn't born the way i am now. i was in a fire when i was younger, my mum said it was the land lords fault, and that he didn't check the gas pipes. my parents tried to save me before it was to late, but i was stuck in my room because the fire started in the hall, so i couldn't get out, and my parents couldn't save me in enough time.
I don't remember much, i was only 4, but i do remember waking up after the 10 hour operation, and seeing my face the way it is now. And, although iv'e had operations over the years, i will always look the way i am. (although i'm about to have a operation to graph my ears back into shape. It's unlikley i will have the face i used to have when i was younger.)

We are moving to Scotland, mum said that England just wasn't right, and that Scotland could be "the place." Although, i don't think she knows where the place is, I certainly don't...
I have an older sister, but shes old enough to live on her own. She lives 7 streets away from me, (well used to.) she wanted to be close in case my medical problems became worse. But now we are moving, i wont see her as muh as i wanted. But she promised she will visit every 2 weeks. And she never breaks a promise. 

I sometimes have nighmares, and the horrible person who does all the me. And i don't blame my brain, after all. Who isn't scared of me? my eyes are not correctly shaped because of the burns i got, and i have horrible scarring all the way down my right cheek to my chest. My mouth doesn't move properly, and when i smile i look REALLY creepy. I do have friends, i have Sophie, Amy and Ann. All of them are amazing! But there are, of course the bullies. And now i' going into my first year in high shool. Things ARE going to get worse... And i know that, because they were bad in primary....

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