Nialls lovers big secret

Rayleigh-rose finds her one true love. Niall. When Niall realised he loves her back he finds out her shocking secret that not only shocks him but the entire band.



8. the secret comes out

rayleighs p.o.v

when Niall revaled the box all i wanted to do was run. but he grabbed my arm and stopped me, he asked me why. my respone was that my dad treats me like shit, my mum doesn't want me my ex boyfriend based me and i want to dye.

that is when he grabbed my wrist and had a good look. he asked where else. he must have known they were just scars and there is rather fresh blood on the cloth. that is when he looked down t my legs. he said let me see your legs. i said no because im in pants and you will see my panties. he said i want you to be my girlfriend i was still cautious of taking down my oants to show him my thighs. but i was calmed down when he said he would never judge you. so i showed him.

Niall's p.o.v

when i saw her thigh all i could see were cuts. i could cry for her. she just looked down at her legs then looked at me. i lent in and kissed her ad said that does not change my feelings for you. I knew she was scared to show me her legs but I didn't want to hurt her at all. When I kissed her though I could tell she was enjoying it. When she pulled back I lent down and kissed her leg. Then looked back at her beautiful blue eyes.

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