Nialls lovers big secret

Rayleigh-rose finds her one true love. Niall. When Niall realised he loves her back he finds out her shocking secret that not only shocks him but the entire band.



10. the secret comes out pt 2

Niall's pov

I don't know what to say now. I sat in silence for a while. I have never been with a girl who does that. I have never known a girl that does that in general.

After sitting and thinking and just staring at her I asked when was the last time she hurt herself.

Rayleigh-roses pov

When Niall asked me how long has it been since I last hurt my self I had a lot of trouble telling him not even 24 hours. But when I did all he could do was cry. Tears just kept running down his face. I couldn't even think of what was going through his mind.

Soon Niall started to not be crying as much. But he was still sad and had tears going down his face he moved closer and sat me on his lap and whispered into my ear saying. 'I wish I had found you sooner. If I had you would be like this you would be safe. Your my dream come true I will never care about your age or anything like that. I need you and you need me. I will help you. I don't want to see this on your arm or leg again. I will be there to talk to you. I will be there forever'

When Niall said that I didn't know what to do or say I just cuddled into him. We cuddled until he looked at me and kissed me. That is when I got a txt from mum and dad saying we have gone back to Australia the house is yours we never want to see or hear from you again goodbye, I showed Niall and asked him what am I going to do. His exact words were I will live with you. I smiled looked into his eyes and laid on my bed and Niall joined me. I asked him to wait till I'm 15 to take my virginity and he said he wouldn't have it any other way.

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