Nialls lovers big secret

Rayleigh-rose finds her one true love. Niall. When Niall realised he loves her back he finds out her shocking secret that not only shocks him but the entire band.



6. the big date Niall p.o.v

I felt really bad that I got to rayleigh-rose's place early. I hoped she was ready. I brought two tickets to to see a movie in gold class. I hope she enjoys this. When my parents described me to her they told me they hear a bit of screaming from her father then a door slam. So I hope she is ok.

When she answered the door she looked stunning but I noticed scaring on her arm. Maybe she had a mean animal but I didn't take to much notice.

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When we got back to her place we started talking so I decided to ask about her arm she said it was from skating. I believed her.

I ended up staying for the night. We didn't do anything. But this girl she is special she may be a lot younger than me but I want her. She is my dream girl.

no matter what it takes im going to make her mine.

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