Nialls lovers big secret

Rayleigh-rose finds her one true love. Niall. When Niall realised he loves her back he finds out her shocking secret that not only shocks him but the entire band.



11. chapter 12

Nialls pov

All night I had trouble sleeping. I was so worried about rayleigh-roses mental health. How can I help her what am I going to do. We'll tomorrow I have the day to myself and she has school so I will talk to the boys about her and see what they think.

4 hours later when rayleigh was getting ready for school.

Rayleigh's pov

While I was getting ready for school I kept thinking about Niall and how we are together. I no It could look weird considering the age gap but I want him.

"Rayleigh you are going to have to leave so you get to school on time," Niall says. So I run down to my bus stop and wait for the bus. While I was on the bus I decided to txt Niall and ask him what he was doing today

Nialls pov

When I got rayleigh's text I wasn't going to tell her that I was asking for advice to the boys about her problem. I decided to tell her I was going shopping to buy us some food and her some more clothes and something special. I wasn't lying I was going to do that to.

When I got to Harry's place all the boys were there waiting to hear my news. They were sitting on the couch anxious to find out what I had to tell them.

As usual Harry was first to ask. His exact words were you have a new girlfriend don't you. I couldn't lie and say no so I said yes but there is a little twist. There faces were confused that is when Louis said I bet she is a vampire or something and they all laughed. That was until I screamed no and stop it!

Once they were quiet I told them she is only 14 and she does something that isn't very good. This is when zayn poke up and asex what is this problem. I don't know why but I couldn't come out and say it. So I typed it on my phone and showed them. There faces looked shocked that is when I broke down again. After I had calmed down again I asked them what I should do. They gave me a number for a councillor to help her.

When I went to leave they asked when can we meet rayleigh-rose I said soon we just have to give it time

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