I'll be there for you

Layia (Lay-ah) was a the kind off girl who did what she was told. She never talked back, that was until she met Jace.

Jace was the kind of guy who rebelled. He never did what he was told. Jace was arrested for a crime he didn't even do. Second hand murder. He was released because he is only 17. On parole.

He meets a 17 year old girl, Layia. Can they make work? Or will they die trying?


2. Jace

Jace's P.O.Vi was in the office hoping that she wouldn't relies who I was. Yes I'm Jace Wayland, don't make fun of my name I get shit about it all the time because of City Of Bones.

I saw a look of horror flicker on her face. Shit. She knows.

"Please don't be scared." I asked heartbroken that this beautiful girl with blonde ringlets and grey eyes was terrified of me.

I only just met her but I love her already. "One chance Jace, one chance." She whispered to me.

That was all she said before she walked out the door.

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