Beauty and the Beast; Rising Moon

This is a story of a human girl, wanting a life where she's not alone, and a wolf, who's life has been a living hell, join together in a love that's not meant to be. They are brought together by war, and will battle the blood demons of the night, with the help of the wolves from Roland's pack as the moon rises. The Rising Moon is coming.

For Cara, life isn't as easy as she had hoped. She wished her graduation would be fun, or to finally see her father. But her friends will be with her the whole way, so what's she got to lose?

Her mother works late at the police department, so she walks home alone. One night, she's out a little later than usual and is attacked by two men. Thinking her life is ending, she is saved by a man, whom saved her lonesome soul. Not only that, he stole something too; her heart.

Thinking he is the one, she trys to get to know him better, see him again. Instead, she sees something else; his wolf side.


1. Meeting the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Rising Moon, by Henry Bickel

Chapter 1, Meeting the Beast

Starting off this story wasn't exactly easy for me to do. Ever since I finally made time to sit down and actually write, I didn't know where to start. So I decided to write down the first memory that came into my mind. I didn't care if it was the worst or best moment of my life, I just needed to begin my story, for I need to write my story since I have to leave my life a secret. So I will start here:

I walked into the library, and sat down at a random table. I took out my homework from school, and began answering the questions on the study reviews for my exams. My final exams were soon, and I was preparing myself. To pass high school meant a lot to me, so that's want I planned on doing. I heard someone move a chair next to me, and I turned my head slightly. It was a boy, who looked about the same age as me. He had shortish black hair, with deep blue eyes. His skin was pale, and he had a scent to him that I couldn't get off my mind.

"Homework?" He asked, smiling. Somehow, I couldn't ignore his charms. It wasn't like me to be like this. The boy waited for me to reply to him, and he waited a few minutes. He thought I wouldn't reply, and began to stand up.

"Exam review." I replied before he stood up completely. I quickly looked back at my books and continued working. I could feel him grin behind me, sitting back down. I blushed, trying not to look at him. This was weird.

"Sounds like fun." He replied. "What's your name, angel?" He asked. I turned to him. I fell into his eyes again, but this time my face was way too close to his. I quickly dug my head into my books, with a red face.

"I'm Cara." I replied. He patted my back, and I felt a sensation everywhere across my body, and I felt a shock vibrate everywhere on me. I never felt like this before, and I didn't know what to think.

"My name is Ruther." He said. "Some people call me by-"

"I don't care." I replied. I tried to act like I wasn't attracted to him, but I could tell this Ruther guy knew.

"I was going to say - " the name blurred through my head, and I seemed to loose track of time. I was rather late to getting home, and I needed to get moving.

"I have to go, I'm sorry." I said, packing up quickly. He nodded, and looked rather sad. I could tell Ruther didn't want me to leave him so soon.

"Don't take this in a creepy way, but can I please walk you home?" He asked. He seemed rather serious when he found out what time it was. "I know you don't know me that well, but you can trust me."

"Your going to have to better than look at me like that to get me to have you walk me home." I replied, stuttering. I thought Ruther would laugh or smile, but instead he asked again. Ruther really wanted to walk me home. It was almost like there was something about to happen.

"I'll be fine." I said to Ruther. He ended up walking me home anyway, and we were silent the entire way. It was rather far to my house too, but Ruther didn't care. He wanted this badly. The only things we said was thank you and your welcome when we got to my house. After that, I thought about inviting him in, but he disappeared. And for some odd reason, I forgot Ruther after that.

As strange as it is, this was the moment I seemed to remember first, so I wrote it down. It was a little before everything started, before I met Roland. It's been a very long and hard life for Roland and I, and has been even before we met.

I didn't exactly have the greatest middle school or high school life. Things were challenging, and life was tough. My father disappeared when I was 17, but my mom, brother, and I have honestly been better since he left. Ever since he left, my mom started making a whole lot of money and got promoted in her job as a detective.

My brother, Dave, never got over our dad's disappearance. He always wanted to know where he went off to. It almost drove him insane wanting to know what happened to him. Dave is 17 now, and I am 19 years old. I know that's sidetracking, but I just thought I would write it now before I forget.

My mother Susan, Dave and I live in a small house in Tennessee. We are actually rather close to everything, like my college I will be going to soon. It was towards the end of my high school year, two weeks precisely, that things changed dramatically. My name is Cara Rose Leighton, and I fell in love with a -

"Awesome, hot, sexy football player?!" Elisha asked, excited. "Oh, please tell me it's Roger!" I rolled my eyes.

"No, it's not Roger." I replied. Elisha is one of my friends, a cheerleader blonde who every chick has as a friend. She's skinny, and yet somewhat strong and aggressive. Unlike most blondes, she's actually rather smart but just doesn't try hard in school. She never wears heels unless she's going to a dance. Sometimes she can't keep her secrets to herself.

"Well, then who?" Alex asks. Alex is my other friend, somewhat opposite of Elisha. Alex is a rather straight forward girl, and very kind. She has beautiful curly, short brown hair, and has blue eyes. Declan actually said to her that her eyes were so beautiful, God had to make her wear glasses so that it would be fair for the other girls in the world. She was twice as strong as Elisha, but half as smart. The cool part about her is that her dad is a police officer. Behind those beautiful eyes of hers, Alex has full guilt on her shoulders for her mother's death.

"I don't know." I replied. "I just saw him. In my dream, I was taken to a castle. I was lying on a stone bench, and apparently I just woke up. This man walks up to me, and he gives me a shiny red rose and calls me his true love."

"Oh! A romantic, awesome, hot sexy football player!" Elisha investigated. "I want him to myself!"

"Good luck with that." Alex added. "Besides, Cara can get a way better and more honest man than some jock." Elisha was hurt.

"Ha!" I screeched, accidentally. Elisha was pissed, and shook her head.

"I see how it is! You two are making fun of me because I get more boys than you do!" Elisha exclaims.

"We are actually jealous we don't take as many birth controls as you do." Alex replies. Elisha rolls her eyes and storms off. She runs into Declan and starts taking to him. Declan was tall and bold, but mysterious in some personal way. He spikes his hair up, trying to look cool with his leather jacket he always wears. Declan seemed more like the bad boy in the school.

Alex and I decided to stay behind to talk privately for a bit.

"So it's the same guy from the other dreams?" Alex asks.

"Yes." I replied. "The same guy and the same dream has been happening for a month now. Don't you think that's a little strange to you?" I asked. Alex thought for a minute.

"It's said that you should never question true love, but question who your true love is." She replies after thinking to herself. I thought back on what she had said.

"So what should I do?" I asked.

"Either wait for him to find you," she replies, as she looks at Declan. "or you find him. Either way, true love will find its way." She walks over to Declan and Elisha. I follow. We all walked to class, as we continued our last days at school.

My favorite class period, my third period science class, was the one class where I actually felt like school wasn't boring. I didn't have any friends in any of my classes, but I didn't care. This class was still fun, for Dr. Wrestler was my science teacher. No, it's not one of those hot guy teachers that some teenage girls crave. He wasn't ugly, though. Dr. Wrestler was rather tall, with gray hair and gray eyes. He was energetic, but had a calm voice. He always wore dress shoes or boots, and he liked to wear a lab coat. He wore black glasses, but wore it to look like a nerd purposely today.

Dr. Wrestler was making us do a fun lab today, now that finals were over. I finished early, due to working alone. So he walked up to talk to me. We usually would talk during this class about random stuff, because I was his favorite student due to not screaming during class like everyone else. We could talk about personal issues and days, which seemed pretty cool. We were rather close in a friendly way. Eventually, he ended up helping me with most of my problems. I didn't have any issues that day, so our conversation was only about our futures which wasn't much. For some odd reason, I said I wanted to go to Chicago.

I was walking home after school, and I noticed that it had gotten dark rather quickly. I decided to pick up my pace, so I wouldn't have to walk in the dark for that long. However, in a matter of minutes, I didn't get the approbation to get home sooner. It was dark, so I decided to take a short cut through an ally. I make my way around, and continued walking. I then noticed I was being followed by two guys in dark, green and brown clothes. When I would pick up my pace or turn into a different route, they would follow. I turned into a random ally, hoping I wouldn't be seen. They saw me.

"Why hello." One of them said. He cracked his hands, and smiled at me with a very creepy grin. The other man smiled as well, and undid his belt. I ran to the end of the ally, and they followed me. There was a big tall fence at the end, and I couldn't jump or climb over it. I was stuck.

"Help!" I screamed. No one could hear me. The two men laughed.

"No need to be frightened, little girl." The bearded man said, coming closer to me. The other man took his belt off after already unbuckling it, and tried to walk from behind me. I got up against the wall, hoping he wouldn't get me.

"Help!" I screamed again. The people from outside the ally kept walking. "Help!" I screamed, in the citizen's direction. I started to cry.

"Don't cry." The bearded man whispered, grabbing my arm. I tried to pull away but he was too strong. "We will take good care of your body." He pulled me away from the wall, and from that point on I continued to scream for my life. The other man took his belt and tied my arms together, and in a way it was not possible to get out of.

"It might hurt at first," the other man said, as he felt my waist. The bearded man made me bend over, and pushed me down. He used a lo of pressure on my shoulders, and laughed at me. They treated me like a sex toy, which I was in this case. I was going to get raped, and there was no running from it now. "but it'll feel really good inside your ass." He started to chuckle, but for a few seconds. Next thing I knew, there was no more pressure on my shoulders. I stand up straight, and I see both of the rapists on the ground, beaten up. Inbetween the beaten men, I saw standing there, a tall and buff man.

"Who are you?" I asked. He had his face covered with a tan hat, and was the only light colored clothing he had on. He had a gray drench coat on, with baggy dark jeans and boots. I couldn't see his eyes, but I saw some of his face. I saw a small mostache and goatee, and a very sweet and pink lips. The temptation to touch him was almost unbearable, and it made me feel dirty wanting to touch this man. Even his long brown hair made me want him more. But then he made my heart explode.

"All I did was save you. Stay out of trouble and don't walk in the dark again." He said to me. His voice was smooth and yet deep, and it had a ring to it. It sounded a little Irish, and sexy.

"I need to see you again, and your face." I begged. He looked at me, then started to walk away.

"I'll see you again," he replied, "I'll meet you at your place tomorrow. You better be home before dark." I fainted after that. The man ran over to me and caught me, and he noticed I was still tied up. He untied my hands, and threw the belt away. I tried to get a look at his face, and I didn't get a glance. He moved too fast, and was gone in a flash as if he was never there.

The police came shorty after and arrested the rapists, charging them of rape obviously. Elisha showed up and tackled me. "Thank goodness your okay!" She exclaimed. I patted her on the back, for she was hugging way too tightly.

"I am too." I replied. "How'd you get here?" My mom walks into the conversation, and Elisha finally let's go.

"I did." She says. "You need to be more careful, you could've gotten hurt." She hugs me.

"I know, mom. I'm sorry." I hugged her back. She lets go of me, and starts looking around.

"Who saved you, exactly?" She asked.

"What?" I asked. She held up a plastic bag with a broken belt in it.

"This belt was found near the crime scene."

"So?" I asked. My mother looked at me more concerned.

"It's been cut, and you nor the rapists had any type of knife." My mom puts down the bag, and walks closer to me. "Who saved you." I debated whether or not to tell her. But I decided to tell her anyway.

"A boy did." I answered. "I don't know who, but he saved my life. And I will find him."

When I arrived at school, everyone was starring at me. Whenever I walked into a classroom, everyone looked at me at least three times. I could somewhat hear them talking, and knew they were talking about me. I knew my mother had kept last night a secret, but there was one person who I knew probably did not.

"Thanks." I said to Elisha at lunch. She looked at me with guilt.

"I'm really sorry, okay?" Elisha cried. "I am such a blabber mouth! Ugh!" After that, we talked about our days, and how much fun they were.

"~Even Megan was looking at me! And she's a loner!" I buried my head in my lunch bag. Elisha patted my back.

"They are all probably jealous of your awesome shoes." She said, trying to cheer me up. I do love my shoes.

"Jealous that I can't defend myself and almost get rapped by two homeless guys? I don't think so. That's not something you can smile about." A group of kids walked by our table and looked at me. They whispered to themselves, then walked away giggling.

"Jerks." Elisha blabbed.

"Blondes." I said, under my breath. "Where's Alex and Declan?" I asked noticing their absence. Elisha started to not making eye contact with me, and tried not to look me in the eyes. I looked at her face, and a light bulb flashed. "Are they..?!"

"Shhh!!" She exclaimed, putting her hands on my mouth. She takes them off after I give a mad face, and I cough after smelling her strong perfume.

"And why didn't I hear about this?" I asked, coughing.

"You know I'm not supposed to tell!" Elisha cried.

"But your a blonde who tells people's secrets all of the time and ruins their lives." I replied, mimicking her whining. She gave me a pouting face.

Alex and Declan are an interesting case. Alex is an only child with just her dad, and Declan lives with his rich mother. They act like they absolutely hate each other, and they tend to have many arguments about stupid things. Declan is an attractive boy who's somewhat tall, and has curly black hair. He has light brown eyes that look innocent, when he actually smokes. Alex hates that he does, and has begged for him to quit. From what Elisha told me, they are skipping school and doing things very sexual.

"Really?" I asked, astonished. Elisha nodded.

"I was rather lurid as well." She said. "I didn't know Alex would do something like this, and I certainly didn't think it would be Declan. But Declan is honest and he's a great guy. For someone who has a spoiled mother he's doing great."

"I guess your right." I replied. "Declan is rather nice compared to the other guys in the world. What ever happened to the good guys, you know?"

"There's the football players." Elisha stated. I rolled my eyes.

"Not good at THAT, Elisha. I meant good hearted." I sighed.

I got home early that day, for the man who saved me said he would come. I waited on my lawn, sitting on the grass. After about an hour, when it started to get dark, I went inside. I went upstairs to my room, and opened the door. I closed the door, and saw the man standing in the corner of my room. My heart started to race.

"You came." I said, stuttering.

"It was dark, though when you came in." He replied.

"Not really." I repied. "May I see your face now?" I asked. He walked up closer to me, and lifted his head, making his face fully visible. My heart started pounding faster. His eyes were black, and yet bright, with beautiful face features. His hair was long and brown, and was brushed back out of his face. He had a scar on the bottom of his face, from the cheek down. It was a healed scar, that looked rather old.

"You saw my face now." He said. "Now don't go out when it's so late." I walked up to him. He tried to step back, but he was corned.

"What's your name?" I asked. He politely pushed me back.

"I don't know if I can tell you that. I'm just glad you don't know who I am." He said in relief. Whoever this man is, mystery clouded over him.

"Please tell me your name." I begged. He stopped, and looked at me in the eye.

"I'm Roland." He said.

"I'm Cara." I replied. We then starred at each other, and we couldn't look away. I felt as if this was the man I saw in my dreams. In fact, I knew it had to be. There was no doubt in my mind that this man was the one. I blinked, and Roland was gone. My Roland had vanished. That was the day I met Roland for the first time.

The next morning, no one was making eye contact with me, as if everyone forgot about the rapists. I became my normal teenage girl self once again. I wanted to find Alex and tell her what happened. Elisha, on the other hand, not so much. I didn't want this to be told to anyone outside of Alex because I know I can trust her. But I didn't see Alex at school, only Declan. Elisha is absent today for a cheerleading competition.

"Hey." I said to Declan. He nodded his head.

"Hey. What's up?" He asked. "I heard what happened. You okay?" I was hoping he wouldn't ask that. I gave a fake smile that didn't last long, and hoped Declan's coloition would make him get off the subject. Declan paused, and somehow read my expression. "Oh. Right. I'm glad people aren't bugging you now. Must have been a pain."

"It was. I don't exactly like conversations, but you know. I have friends so I have to talk to them. I wouldn't call myself an excellent school scholar like my mom, so I can't say 'I want to stay on task.' Elisha is all boy crazy, Alex has you, and-" Declan blinked. Hard. He somehow wasn't aware of what I was talking about. Was Alex not with Declan?

"What are you talking about?" He asked, concerned. "Alex and I aren't a thing. And what Elisha said yesterday wasn't true." Again, Declan knew what I was thinking of. I always chose to ignore it, since Elisha tells him practically everything.

"Wait, so you two didn't see each other?" I asked. He scratched his head.

"We did see each other, yes. But the story is way different from what Elisha said." Declan replied.

"What actually happened then?" I asked. Before he could answer, one of his friends showed up.

"Hi. We need to talk." His friend said. He had somewhat of a deadly voice. Not saying his voice was deep, for it was rather normal pitched. He sounded like someone would if they were secretly a demon. Demons aren't real, so it was obvious that he was simply a scary guy. He has short, bleached hair with brown eyebrows. His eyes were a dark green, and he was rather pale.

"Oh, I see." Declan replied. "Cara, this is Tyler. He's-"

"A friend." Tyler interrupts. He smiles at me, then grabs Declan by the arm. As he turns away from me, his smile fades. Declan and Tyler walk off and begin talking privately. I didn't bother to ask what it was about.

I got home a little later that day, and it was almost dark. I opened the door to my house, and notice I'm home alone. Usually, Dave is supposed to be here two hours before I get home so I was rather worried. I looked around the house, and he was nowhere to be found. I go into my room and I see Roland sitting at my desk on my computer. He was looking up a bakery website.

"Roland?" I asked. I was happy to see him, but a little awkward how he shows up in my room again. "What are you doing?"

"I like bagels." He replies, straight up with no sarcasm. He had a straight face on, and it was absolutely adorable. To see a guy like him, so serious and mysterious, break into my room just to look up bagels on my computer.

"You don't have a computer at home?" I asked.

"It's complicated." He answered. "Let's just say I don't want to get exposed to the outside world."

"Is that the life of a super hero?" I asked. He laughed. His laugh is short, and almost like a chuckle. A cute one, not one of an evil dude. His laugh soothened me, and it made me feel warm inside. If I could hear him laugh more, I would never be sad again.

"I don't consider myself a hero."

"You saved my life." I said with gratitude.

"I saved your virginity's life actually." He added. We both laughed. We looked at each other and smiled.

"Where have you been all my life?" I asked, quietly.

"I've been around." He replies quietly. I raise my eyebrows and blushed.

"You've been stalking me?" I asked, laughing. "So you are the rapist?"

"No no!" Roland exclaimed, waving his hands. "I'm not a rapist or a stalker!"

"Then who are you?" I asked, walking closer to him. "Who are you really?" He paused for a moment. He calmed down a bit, and tried to think of a way to answer my question.

"I don't know if I can answer that." He said, with a sad tone.

"I see." I replied. After a long bit of silence, I came up with something. "Can I go to your place?"

"No." He answers, immediately. He looked back at my computer, and looked upset. I was more calm now. After a long pause, I decided to talk again.

We had a long conversation, and we ended up talking for hours. We talked about our past lives, and what we do. I learned more about Roland's life. He is a little older than me, and has been to the army. He was only in the army for a year, but then unexpectedly came back. He says that he is said to be dead, and that his brother and mother don't know he is alive. Roland was going to come back, but it was too late. When he got to the house, he heard a gun shot. His father had killed himself over depression of loosing his son.

"I am so, sorry." I replied, feeling sad. "Is that why you can't show yourself to the world?"

"It's one of the reasons." Roland said. He gave a face, and looked at my door.

"What is it?" I asked. Roland was still looking at the door, and stood up.

"Isn't your brother supposed to be back now?" He asked. We both started to walk downstairs, and Roland put his hat on. He made a loud breath noise, and ran infront of me.

"Woah! What's wrong?" I exclaimed. He ran out the door, and I tripped. Before I look up, many things happened at once. An opened door, a loud slash of wind, a scream, and a gunshot. When I looked up, I saw the opened door. It was raining, which I didn't notice before. I walked outside, and I saw Dave and Roland on one side, and some teenagers on the other. One of the teens had a gun, and the others had money and drugs. Dave had a hoodie on, and had been crying. Roland was infront of Dave, and had been shot. The teens ran away, but Roland followed them.

"What the.." Dave exclaimed. "He got shot! How's he not dead?!"

"Roland?!" I yelled. Roland flashed, and went after the boys. My eyes widened, and all I could hear and see was Roland moving. I saw claws coming from his hands, and I heard loud growls. He started attacking and slaughtering the boys, one by one. I heard them scream of pain and terror, and watched as their blood and guts flew everywhere. Roland was not holding back. I ran to him, terrified, and screamed at him to stop. He stopped after slicing the last kids throat. He turned around, and his claws were gone. All the black hairs I saw before vanished, and I only saw blue eyes vanish from his eyes. I was lurid.

"Cara." He said, trying to explain to me what happened. I shook my head, eyes wide open. "Let me help your brother." I turned around, and my brother was on the ground. I turned back to Roland, but he was gone. When I quickly turned back to my brother, he was also gone.

I ran inside, and saw my brother laying on the couch, with Roland icing his head. "He was beaten," Roland said, "he got knocked in the head pretty hard, but he should be fine. He won't remember what happened telling by his head."

"You've got explaining to do, Roland." I exclaimed. "And don't you dare say you can't." He sighed, and stood up and walked over to me.

"I wanted to save you, Cara." He replied, "and showing you what I really am was the only way of doing that." I looked at where he was shot. There was no wound, but his shirt had blood on it, and a hole. "I can promise you this; I will never hurt you and you can trust me." I shook my head, and took a look outside. The bodies were gone.

"Where did they-?!" I yelled. Roland tried to calm me down.

"They were going to kill your brother." He said. "I saved him. I will be protecting the both of you from now on."

"Who are you?" I asked. He paused for a minute, then replied.

"I'm Valistur Roland McHallen, and I'm a wolf."

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