Beauty and the Beast; Rising Moon

This is a story of a human girl, wanting a life where she's not alone, and a wolf, who's life has been a living hell, join together in a love that's not meant to be. They are brought together by war, and will battle the blood demons of the night, with the help of the wolves from Roland's pack as the moon rises. The Rising Moon is coming.

For Cara, life isn't as easy as she had hoped. She wished her graduation would be fun, or to finally see her father. But her friends will be with her the whole way, so what's she got to lose?

Her mother works late at the police department, so she walks home alone. One night, she's out a little later than usual and is attacked by two men. Thinking her life is ending, she is saved by a man, whom saved her lonesome soul. Not only that, he stole something too; her heart.

Thinking he is the one, she trys to get to know him better, see him again. Instead, she sees something else; his wolf side.


6. Leaving with the Beast

Chapter 6, Leaving with the Beast

I returned to high school for the last time. I did many things for the last time, and one of those things were being with my friends. I thought that after this, I could spare them all from this war in which I have also been saved from. At least, I was hoping that at least. I saw Declan, Alex and Alisha sitting at a table outside the school. Tyler had joined them, and two other boys. I recognized the other boy, his name is Rick, Rick Muster. Rick was a player on the football team, but he wasn't exactly the bad type. He was innocent and gentle, but he was much bigger for a soft kind of a man. He was a gentlemen, and yet he didn't need to have slayed a dragon to be brave. But to see him with Tyler was bad news. The other man had his face covered, so I didn't get to see who he was. The other man was there for a few seconds before taking off, and Tyler didn't seem to care. For a man who looked so demon like, Tyler seemed to have a spot inside of him that actually cares.

"Tyler." I say, with discust when I walked up to the table. I sat down, and Tyler was giving me looks as if he thought he'd have a chance with me.

"Why hello, Cara." He says, smiling. I gave him a death glare.

"Last time I saw you, you were talking to Declan. When you tell me what's going on, I'll talk to you."

"Can we have a moment?" Declan asks me. I felt my eyebrows raise and my eyes widen. To see things going my way so quickly was either a really good or really had sign. Declan wasn't one for telling people about him, so maybe I would be the first to get information. Or, he could be on the side of the vampires and will shank me any minute as he took me to a table where we were alone.

"What is it?" I asked, when Declan looked like he was safe to speak.

"The vampires have taken over my house." He said. I start blinking my eyes. He waves his hands at my face. "No no no! Don't be like that! I already know how you know!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked. He gave me a look.

"Ever since your boyfriend came to this town, those vampires took over my home." He exclaimed.

"That's impossible. Vampires have to be invited in unless there's no living people in the home. Everyone knows that." I told him.

"Either my mom did before she died, or there has never been living people at my house. Which both are obviously not the case." He replied. I didn't know what to respond to that. It was left a mystery.

"So why are you telling me this?" I asked. He shrugged.

"I want you to come to my place. I'll bring Alex if you want. Then, I want you to meet these people. I've got four in my house, including this Tyler guy." He points to Tyler, then points away shivering as if he is scared of him. "After that you can choose whether to tell your boyfriend or make them leave yourself."

"I want Elisha, not Alex. I don't want you and Alex to ditch me." I said. He chuckled then nodded. "That's not all." I said. "How come you were all on their side before?"

"I've been acting tuff so I'm not killed." He replied. "Besides, I'm not scared of them. They are just creeping me out."

"I can't go." I interupted. I realized that I wouldn't be staying at home, not even for the graduation party. "I'm leaving this town." Declan looked down and nodded. He sighed, then walked me back to the table. Before that, I had asked him not to tell the others. Declan agreed to keep it to himself, as long as he could tell them after the party. I agreed to his terms.

To be honest, I didn't remember what happened that day, for it was rather a blur. All I could remember was being so excited to get out of school, to be with Roland, that I didn't care about goodbyes from anyone. I felt badly later, but at the time I didn't care. Through the long always of the high school, I took one last big glance at it. I relooked at my old classrooms, my old cafeteria, and some old photos on the walls soon to be taken down. There were some crappy lights and declarative walls, plus some trashed doors. The school was empty, for people really wanted to leave. Declan showed up, and we ended up roaming the halls together.

"It's finally over." Declan said. I nodded.

"It is." I replied. "Things have changed a lot since we've been here. I just can't believe we've made it this far." Declan laughed, and I joined his happiness. I was glad I had him to trust. He isn't exactly the most innocent man, but he does have a loyal heart.

"Not only that, I never knew I'd ever make any new friends. Thanks to you, I've gotten along with many kind friends. Too bad my parents aren't here to see it."

"It's okay." I replied, patting his back. "Your parents are watching over you, and are proud to be your parents."

"I don't know about my dad." Declan responded, beginning to mope. "He left my mother and I for dead, with this big company on our shoulders. What made him run?" Declan looked down, and kicked some papers that were in the middle of the hallway. I heard something move from behind me, and I turned around. I saw Declan's dad standing right there.

"Declan..?!" I exclaimed. I pointed to his father, but when Declan turned around, he couldn't see him. My eyes began to water, and I had realized that he was dead. Declan's father died as a supernatural being.

"He can't see me?" Declan's father asked me. I shook my head crying. He cried with me, and we both didn't pay attention to Declan freaking out.

"Bobby." I cried. "Please don't be-"

"I am, Cara." He replied. "You need to tell my son everything is going to be okay. Tell him the vampires need to leave, and he needs to find someone to sign the deed to his house. Also, for the both of you, stay away from Arthur. He is bad news." He began to disapear, so I began to beg for him not to go. I fell to the ground, and reached out to him. I watched as he began to vanish, telling me the same thing over and over again. "One day, you will have to choose." He said, before vanishing. I told Declan what had just happened, and he fell to the ground crying his eyes out.

Tyler came into the picture, and helped Declan up. Tyler said he would bring him to the graduation when he is ready, and that he will get over it. I never liked Tyler, and his demon looks pissed me off.

I got dressed into my big, long, and silver capping gown, with my silver hat. It felt puffy, big, but light weight. I felt fat in it, and very uncomfortable. After getting completly dressed, I got a text from Roland said he would see me there. I shrugged, and stepped out of my room. I had forgotten about a letter that was sitting on my bed from Alex.

I heard the doorbell ring, and I went to the door. I saw Elisha in her capping gown. She looked worried, and was shaking. Thinking she was just nervous, I tried to cheer her up. I gave a big hello, and hugged her. She didn't hug back. In fact, she pushed me off. "Ready for tonight?!" I screamed with joy. I heard some seniors across the street cheer with me, as they drove off. We all laughed together, except for Elisha who soonly grabbed my arm.

"Alex ran away." Elisha exclaimed. My excitement instantly faded, and I began to stress. I felt sweat coming from my head, and sweat being made Inbetween my fingers. Elisha wasn't joking the slightest bit.

"She what?" I asked.

"Alex sent me a text saying she'd met me at your house. She said she would be here." Elisha stated. I gave a little sigh of relief.

"Then maybe she's just a little late." I said, laughing.

"Right after school. Cara, I was here at 4, when she said she'd be here at 4, and you got here at 5:15. She's not late." My stress and sweat came back now, but twice as hard. I paced back and forth on my porch, hyperventilating what to do. I tried calling Alex, but I got no reply. Elisha kept telling me she already tried to call her, but she won't pick up.

"Why would she run away?" I asked finally. Elisha shrugged. We both tried calling her cell, but all the times we did, her phone was said to be off.

"I thought Declan was with her, and thats the second place I went to. Declan hasn't seen her since this morning." Elisha replied. We didn't know where Alex could be, and why. Elisha and I were almost flat out out of ideas, when I decided to call Roland.

"Hey, I was wondering if you knew where Alex was?" I asked, when Roland picked up. He didn't answer me, however. I could only hear him breathing hard. "Roland?" I exclaimed. I heard him catching his breath, and getting ready to speak.

"I found her." He said. I had a sigh of relief. But Roland was still breathing pretty hard. "I need you to come to WestPoint."

"You mean that old gas station by the lake?" I asked. Roland said yes.

"Bring Elisha." He asked. I told him I would then Elisha and I got into Elisha's car and drove to WestPoint. WestPoint was an old gas station, owned by Alex's great great grandparents. It was a family business, but turns out it had gotten closed down shortly after Alex's parents took over. They both became teachers, and got more money than they did with the gas station. Now, it was an abandoned building with old equipment kids could play with. Although parents thought there would be desieses and more covering it, the station was clean.

When we had arrived at WestPoint, the first thing that caught my eye was Roland's car. Next, was his lights were on towards the lake. After that, Roland standing by the lake, and then I saw Alex talking to him. I told Elisha to stop the car and turn the lights off. I watched the two of them, and they seemed to be in a very personal conversation. After a few minutes, Elisha was about to get out of the car. I turn to her, to tell her to sit down. At the same time, Elisha's eyes were wide and watering. "What is it?" I asked. I turned around, and I saw Roland kissing Alex. My eyes began to water, and Elisha heard me clench my fists. I burned up with anger, and I was about to destroy the world.

"Cara, no!" Elisha exclaimed, trying to not let me leave the car. I push myself out, and slam the car door. I run up to them, hoping what I saw wasn't true. Sadly, it was. "Roland?" I asked quietly, with tears rolling down my face. Roland pushed himself off of Alex, and he fell to the ground.

"CARA, RUN!!" Roland yelled. I looked at Alex, and she had become something horrifying. Her eyes were yellow, and her teeth were sharp and red. She had long and sharp nails, and looked as if she had been consumed by evil. She roared at me, then jumped my direction. Roland kicks her away, and they begin to fight. Roland starts shifting, and goes full out. Roland was able to go through all his bones breaking so quickly, for he was just as pissed as I was. I could tell by the way he was protecting me during the fight.

After a brutal fight, Alex was on the ground. She wasn't breathing either. Roland shifted back to his human form, panting again.

"That's why you were panting before." I asked. He nodded.

"Alex was never human. She was something else. We were fighting before, and she said she wouldn't hurt you if I talked to her. She was obviously lying." Roland told me. "Alex might not have been a wolf, but she was certainly strong. Too strong." Roland looked at the body, then back at me. "I am so, so sorry." He apologized with guilt in his eyes. I ran up and hugged him, happy he was okay. I then forgot about Elisha. I turn behind me, and her car was gone.


"She'll be fine." Roland replied, interrupting. "She needs some time alone right now. But for now, you gotta get to your graduation." He said. We got into Roland's car, and drove off to school.

"Here," Roland said, taking my right hand. In his hand, he had the same ring West has. It was silver, with symbols on the sides of the ring. They looked identical to the ones on West's wrist, the curse that was set on him that he always had to tell the truth. I let Roland put the ring on me, and I took a minute to admire its stone.

"Isn't this West's ring?" I asked. He nodded.

"West wanted you to have it. He told me that there's an ancient spell on it, that makes whoever your talking to you only tell the truth, as long as you say the magic word." He replied.

"Please?" I asked.

"Correct. It's a funny little spell, that one has to tell the truth simply by the word Please."

"What about if you asked them to do something?" I asked. He took a moment to think.

"Maybe." He replied. I took a step forward, and looked into his eyes. I decided to test it.

"Please take a step forward." I commanded. Roland laughed.

"I'm not going to be so close infront of all of these-" he took a step forward. His smile went away. He looked at his feet, then right back at me. He had a small laugh. "Well then." He takes a step back, and we both laugh. I don't know how we were able to after all that was going on, but we had accomplished such. I knew things weren't going to be good enough to leave, but I had a feeling leaving wasn't the greatest idea.

"I think I know what to do now." I said. He nodded, and we both walked into the school.

Alex was dead, Bobby was dead, vampires have taken over Declan's life, I'm dating a wolf, a pack of wolves are at war with Vampires in which I am currently involved in, and I have to explain to my best friend Elisha what she saw earlier. And yet, my top priority to Roland, my wolf boyfriend who almost got himself killed again, is to graduate with a smile on my face.

"I've got Elisha." He told me. I didn't believe him at first, but then I had realized that I've been dating a wolf, so I figured that maybe I should trust him. I took a look into his eyes, and noticed they were more of a dark brown now. I can't remember if they were before, but I decided to just go along with it.

"What are you going to do?" I asked, as we stood in the check in line. Before getting in line to graduate, we have to sign in and then stand somewhere in yet another line. It was a long and boring process. I had plenty of time to talk with Roland before I even would get to the sign in table.

"I'm going to make her forget what she saw." He told me. "I have someone who can do it for me." He saw my cringed face, and knew I was going to say something back.

"I don't know if that's best for her," I began, "Elisha does need to know this stuff eventually."

"Now isn't the time, Cara." Roland said, trying to make me relax. "If Elisha had everything piled on her right now, so that she would hopefully smile on that stage, you know how hard that would be on her and your friendship." Roland had a good point. I didn't want Roland to erase her memories, but I felt as if we had no choice.

"Can this person do it now?" I asked, confidently. Roland spaced off, but came back a few seconds later.

"Maybe." He replied. "If I leave now-" I interupted him when I grabbed Roland by the shoulders and hugged him. He tried to speak again, but I took his face and kissed him, closing off his lips. We both wanted to continue, but I knew sooner or later some kid was going to complain about us. Roland quickly ran off, and I didn't see him for a long time after that.

After signing in finally, I reached the long line of senior graduates. I found Elisha, standing all by herself. A few people behind her, I saw Declan, also all by himself. Both of them were looking for me. I walked up to both of them, and they both were happy to see me. We got into a group hug, but I felt as if I was the only one grieving. It was because I was.

"I'm so, sorry." I said to them. We broke up, and they both looked at me funny.

"Sorry for what?" Elisha asked. "Sorry for picking you up then driving you here? Your welcome! You wanted to play with your boytoy so you never got to see me! And you were late!" Elisha whined.

"Sorry for roaming the halls with me?" Declan asked. "Sorry for showing me what a janitor's butt looks like?" Elisha shoved him.

"You guys caught the janitor taking his pants off!" Elisha whined. As Declan and Elisha engaged in a stupid fight, I was trying to figure out what happened. I soon realized that both of them didn't know anything about the deaths that happened today. Both of them are happy like they were before the deaths.

"I'm sorry about Alex." I said quietly. I looked down, and stared at my high heels. After a bit, I looked up and saw that Elisha and Declan had no memory of Alex. "Alex? Our friend?"

"We don't know anyone named Alex, Cara." Declan said.

"Well damn you to hell, Declan!" I head a voice yell from behind me. I turned around, and it was Alex. I stare at her, and my eyes go wide. I wanted to cry again, but I resisted not to. I told Declan and Elisha I was going to use the restroom. Thankfully, Alex followed me, and no one was going to go near the restroom. "You can see me?" Alex asked. I nodded with a smile, and tears in my eyes.

"Alex, I miss you." I cried. Alex cried with me, and smiled as well.

"I miss you too." She replied. After a bit, I told Alex everything. About Roland, about the pack, about the vampires. I then asked what happened to her. "I'm what they would call a sex demon." She said, laughing. I had wide eyes.

"What?" I asked, shocked. She nodded laughing.

"Yeah! Apparently that's why I was all over Declan. He has some kind of rare soul. I turned into a beast sometime around when I got to your house. I'm not sure how or why." Alex said.

"Rare soul?" I asked. Alex shrugged.

"I don't know. Some guy with a top hat wearing a suit told me that his soul makes him half living half dead, so he is considered not even alive." Alex told me. "This is all rather confusing. I bet you were hoping for not so much supernatural crap, huh?"

"Yeah, kind of." I replied. "Things are hard enough as it is. I've now seen vampires, werewolves, sex demons, ghosts, and some rare soul guy. What else is left?"

"Top hat guy." Alex replied. She then vanished, and I didn't hear from her when I called out her name a few times. I then left the bathroom, and went back in line.

Declan, Elisha and I felt as if we were stepping into a new life once we go outside and walk on the stadium. We all held hands, and marched our way through the school along with the rest of the graduates. I couldn't let the past behind me now, for it now became the mystery case I had to solve. This case was one I shouldn't run from, but should defeat.

We stopped somewhere near the stadium, and we had to break up into twos now. Elisha wanted to stand with a friend named Abigale, so I stood next to Declan. I was fine with graduating with Declan on my side, but if did wish Alex was there next to me. And, just like that, she was.

"The moment you've all been waiting for." Alex whispered to me. "It's your big day!"

"I know." I whispered to her. Thankfully, no one could hear me talking to Alex. Even though I can see her, no one else can.

"Just walk up that field, and no matter what, Roland will always be by your side." Alex said. One thing I can notice about someone sometimes, is when one isn't being truthful. I can even tell if someone is lying. I am not sure how, and I am not sure why, but it became useful and unuseful in certain measures. When I heard Alex tell me Roland would always be by my side, she was lying.

"I know." I replied. I smiled, and she smiled back. I turned to the field, and afte hearing a few words, Declan and I began to march on the field.

I closed the door to my room, smiling. I told myself again that I had just graduated. But I soon frowned, and realized that I am not to be happy right now. I was still upset about what lies ahead. For some odd reason, Adien flashed through my mind. And with the awkward irony, he appeared infront of me. Adien wasn't wearing his coat.

"Congrats!" He said to me. I smiled, nodding.

"Thank you." I accepted. "What brings you here?" He realized he wasn't invited and blushed.

"I'm sorry! I had to see you so I just came." Adien said. "I hear you and Roland are leaving tomorrow to Chicago, so I just wanted to say goodbye." He gave a small smile, and I gave one in return. I felt as if Adien was loosing his only friend. But then I realized something, and frowned.

"The wolf, the one that the pack was talking about," I paused, looked down, then back at Adien slowly. "Ross isn't the omega, is he?" He shook his head.

"Ross is his own thing." He replied. "Ross likes to be alone, and came from another pack. We took him in." Adien sat down, and dazed off. He tried to think of what to say next. "I'm dying, Cara." My eyes widened, and I ran up to him. He lifts up his sleeve, and there was a huge cut. The cut was deep, and looked as if it was one weapon's doing from one hit. "A wolf's bite can kill a vampire, but vampire blood can kill a wolf if the wolf dies with the blood in its system." He lifts up his shirt, and there was a hole in his chest. After showing me, Adien fell to the ground. I caught him, and held him in my arms.

"This doesn't make any sense!" I screamed. "Who did this to you?!" Adien was running out of time.

"Arthur." He whispered, then caughing out blood. I wiped his mouth with some nearby cloth that was luckily nearby. I was about to toss it, but Adien asks for it to hold. I give it to him, and he holds it to his chest smiling. "I always had feelings for you." He said to me. "Our whole pack does. Your like the mother we never had, Cara. Be their mother's. We love you." He said, with the rest of his breath. He breathed out, and with a smile, he closed his eyes. My tears fell onto his shirt, and I held his body close to mine. Then, I heard Adien's voice from behind me.

"I wonder where my jacket went." I turned around, and is saw Adien standing there. He was all cleaned up, but had the same clothing. He saw me staring at him.

"Adien?!" I exclaimed. "But your dead!" Adien sighed, and nodded.

"I don't know how you can see me, but I am dead." He said. Adien looked up, and was squinting his eyes at something. He then looked back at me. "That's my ride. It'll take me to heaven soon." He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Looks like wolves go to heaven, I guess." He replied, laughing. He waved, and began to shine brightly. After shining as bright as the sun, he was gone. And so was Adien's body.

After that, I ran outside to Roland. When I saw his face, he already knew what had happened. Roland saw my pain and sadness, so knew something had happened. I told him that Adien was killed, and Roland was speechless. I told him that it wasn't his fault, and Adien did not die with pain but with joy and peace. Roland cried, and went into a ball in the grass. I got on my knees and tried a few times to get him into my arms and pet him. Roland was crushed, and I could feel his pain connect with mine. Roland and I decided not to drive to Chicago just yet, but to go back to West and the others, and tell the news.

Isiac, Oscar, Tim, Uniel, West and Ross were all in the pool room at the base, drinking soda and having some fun. I wanted to wait to tell them, but Roland didn't. Roland got everyone to settle down and calm down, and he gave the news. West clenched his cane and drew tears, then slammed his foot into the ground. Tim and Uniel both cried together, and said the same things. Oscar cried, and when he sat down he was Isiac's height standing up. Isiac patted his back, trying not to cry as well. Ross buried his head, covering his watering eyes. When I began to cry, everyone got up and hugged me except West and Roland who stood by each other talking to one another.

"Who could have done this?" I overheard Roland ask. West shook his head.

"It had to be Arthur. But it makes no sense." West replied. I felt Roland's reaction to be a big one. He looked like he just found out an evil witch is still alive. Roland's eyes were huge, and he was shaking. He was angry and upset, all at the same time. He clenched his fists.

"I swear if he is back." Roland said, under his breath. He started to roar, and I watched as he begin to shift. Roland began to attack at everything, ripping everything apart. He roared again, and punched a wall breaking it. I heard footsteps coming down from the staircase. A man in a black suit walked into the room, and there was total silence. This man was indescribable, for he was nothing like I had ever seen. He had short, black hair with a full grown goatee, and he looked incredibly heroic. His voice when he spoke sounded like a prophet.

"Adien's life will have not gone in vain," he said, "there is no need to fear."

"Who are you?" I asked. He looked at me, and then inspected me. When he realized who I was, he spoke again.

"I am Scooter." Scooter replied.

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