Beauty and the Beast; Rising Moon

This is a story of a human girl, wanting a life where she's not alone, and a wolf, who's life has been a living hell, join together in a love that's not meant to be. They are brought together by war, and will battle the blood demons of the night, with the help of the wolves from Roland's pack as the moon rises. The Rising Moon is coming.

For Cara, life isn't as easy as she had hoped. She wished her graduation would be fun, or to finally see her father. But her friends will be with her the whole way, so what's she got to lose?

Her mother works late at the police department, so she walks home alone. One night, she's out a little later than usual and is attacked by two men. Thinking her life is ending, she is saved by a man, whom saved her lonesome soul. Not only that, he stole something too; her heart.

Thinking he is the one, she trys to get to know him better, see him again. Instead, she sees something else; his wolf side.


4. Cave and the Beast

Chapter 4, Cave of the Beast

As I sat there, trying to get Roland to open his eyes again, I started to cry. I couldn't stop, for the thought of losing someone like him was too much. To meet a wolf, then for him to slip right out of your fingertips was rather heartbreaking. After a couple of minutes, I stopped shaking his lifeless body. I heard a knock on the door.

Even though my body and heart didn't want to leave Roland, I knew I had to. I go downstairs and open the door. I saw Adien standing at the door. He was wearing the same coat he was last time I had seen him, and he seemed more serious this time. He peaked into my home, and knew exactly where Roland was. "May I come in?" He asks, concerned for Roland's health. I looked at him with a suspicious eye.

"You were the man on the phone?" I asked. He shook his head.

"The man who called you isn't me. That's Scooter." He replied. "Scooter is a strong wolf." By the sound of his name, he seemed harmless. "I need to see him."

"Did this guy send you?" I asked. He nodded, as if he was proud of himself. He was still in a serious mood of course. I could somehow feel him breathing pretty hard.

"If your feelings are true for him, please invite me in." He asked. I saw something in his eyes I didn't see before. There was nothing but a plea of agreement that he must take Roland away.

"If you promise he will be okay." I added.

"He will be." He said, with confidence. I paused for a minute, and took a step to the side. His eyes followed me. He looked down at the door, then back at me. "May I come in?" He asked. I held in my breath.

"Come in." At that, Roland and Adien disappeared. I knew now that Adien was one of them, the wolfs. This was honestly all too much for me. The Decendants and the wolf problem didn't make sense to me. After Rolamd explained everything to me, I instantly erased it from my mind and said it was simply when he was telling me there is no happiness if I stay with him. Ironically, he'd tell me this in reality.

It was two days before graduation, and I was nervous. I hadn't heard from anyone in those two long days. My friends all seemed to have some fight without me, so I haven't seen them since then. I was walking to class when I saw Tyler walking pass me. He's been trying to talk to me ever since Roland was taken from me. There was something off about him. I finally answered him. "What do you want?" I asked.

"It's your brother." He said, sounding guilty. "He's coming home today."

"What do you know about me?" I asked. He stepped up to me, and gave me a face as if he was trying to warn me.

"I know nothing. But I am certain my boss knows a lot about you." He walks away. I run outside to call my mother to see if what Tyler says is true.

"Mom?" I said, when I heard the other line of the call pick up.

"Cara?" My mother replies. "What's wrong?"

"I just wanted to check on Dave." I reply.

"For some weird reason, he is all healed." She tells me. I listen in, getting a bad feeling. "Also, before the records said he had some brain damage and would need surgery, but a little after he goes into the operation room, the doctor says there's no brain damage whatsoever. That's when I stopped by. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I thought it would ruin your night."

"At least he is okay now." I reply, somewhat relieved.

"What's confusing, is that all the paperwork for this whole incident, including how he got there in the first place, is gone and erased from all archives." My mother says, with a worried tone.

"Is that even possible?" I whisper.

"Unless the navy or the FBI deleted it all, which I doubt would do something like this."

Later that day I decided to try to find Roland. Ironically, I got a phone call from Scooter. I didn't know what to expect from Scooter's call. I thought that he either wanted me or to kill me. Or worse, to stay away from Roland.

"I would like to thank you for helping Roland." I said, when I answered the phone. Almost interrupting me, the voice from the other line spoke with a rather neutral tone.

"This little thing of yours won't last long, so I suggest giving up now. I will allow him to continue seeing you, but if one more thing happens to our operation under your hands, you will never see or remember him again." The man hangs up. I look at my phone, and the number was somehow erased from my phone. I look up, and Roland was standing infront of me. I jumped and hugged him tightly.

"What happened?" I asked, repeatedly asking many questions. To finally see him meant a lot to me, and to know he is alive made me feel twice as good. But what killed me was that I now knew Roland can't be open with me anymore. I had soon realized he never really told me anything other than what he said in my room. What was that again? I don't remember, but to not be able to be a part of Roland's life and yet be able to see him, didn't work for me. I can't handle being with someone in which we can't be open with each other, for it causes tears and lies later on.

Roland looked at me, giving a smile only because he could see me again, but a frown knowing I am involved now. I knew what was coming, and I couldn't bare it. I closed my eyes, as he took in a breath, then spoke. "Thank you for saving me, I was having some problems. It's a long story. I want you to come with me to Chicago." My mouth drops, and I go pale. Complete and awesome different direction things went, but all so soon.

"What?" I exclaimed. "Why?"

"Because I need to be with you." He said. "There's no point in living if I can't be with you." I hugged him, and he hugged me back.

"Then I'll go with you." I replied. "Whatever it takes to be with you."

Roland and I started discussing our future plans together. We had it all planned out, and we all had a perfect schedule to go to Chicago without having people freaking out. I had to tell my family I was going to go to college in Chicago, which I actually wasn't. Roland said that Scooter is letting him go. Sadly, I didn't realize what was really going on.

"I don't trust him." Roland said. I shook my head, as he watched me pack my things.

"Why would you say that? He is letting you leave, not that he has any control over you." I reply. Roland sighs.

"It's more complicated than that. I might be a new generation of wolf, but Scooter is-" he stopped himself, then changed the subject on me. I tried to get him to say what Scooter is, but he kept ignoring me.

"I thought we would be open with each other now." I said to him.

"I know, I know." He replied. "He's just someone who shouldn't be messed with, okay? It's complicated." He kissed my forehead, then walked out of my room. I whistled, and continued packing. I turn around, and Adien appears out of nowhere.

"Woah! You scared me!" I said, sarcastically. He gives a sad look.

"Don't be like this again!" He exclaimed. "You can't leave!"

"Why not?" I asked.

"War is coming, and we need Roland in order to stop it. Roland is a part of our pack, and we can't just live without him. He's stronger than all of us." I stopped packing, and looked at him. I had something go through me.

"All of you?" I asked. "Even Scooter?" Adien nodded.

"But Roland doesn't have what Scooter has." Adien added.

"Like what?"

"Well, Scooter's a different kind of mutation. He's got ultra senses, and can track someone three times a normal wolf can. Also, he is faster than Roland is. But he doesn't have that much strength." I shook my head.

"Mutation?" I asked. I then knew what he meant. "How many different test subjects were there?" Adien realized he has said too much, and leaves instantly. I knew that Roland was hiding a lot more information than that I had realized.

I had a choice to either leave these things of the past behind me, and continue to Chicago with Roland to start over, or get to the bottom of it all and possibly solve the situation he is in, and stop this war Adien speaks of. I chose to leave it behind me, because I didn't want to loose Roland and also I knew one day he'd maybe tell me. I hoped he would never have to.

However, Roland said he needed a thing or two back at his place. He wanted me to come with him. I told him not yet for Graduation was the next day. We agreed to leave for Chicago that Saturday, so I had till then to say my goodbyes. Roland said he could only see me at graduation and that was it. In the car, he didn't stop. We ended up stopping at an apartment complex.

"What's this?" I asked. "Are you going to rape me?" Roland laughed.

"No. This is where I live." He replied. "I own the entire complex facility actually. I get most of my money from here. It's a peaceful place, and doesn't cost too much money." He hands me a key. The key was silver, with a chain attached to it with a gold coin attached to it. It looked like a gold coin from the 1800s, not that I knew what those even looked like. "If you ever loose me, go to room 132, and all you gotta do is find the bible." I took the key, and grasped it in my hands. I said I would take good care of it, and never loose it. And I never did.

"I will." I told him. "But what if something happens to us in Chicago?" He laughs.

"Nothing can happen there, Cara. Only New Orleans and Savannah should you be worried. Unless we need some wolves in Savannah. They've got plenty there." My eyes widened, and I tried not to think about it. Even though I will be living with a wolf, I don't exactly like them. The killer ones that is. But at the time I wouldn't know any killer wolves.

We get out of the car and go into one of the rooms numbered 111. The apparat meant complex was actually not that small. It had 35 apartments, and a neighborhood pool. I saw that the rent was actually pretty low, and didn't know how the company made so much. But then Roland explained why.

"There are 4 different complexes like this one," he said, "each one is a different color. Everything else is exactly the same, other than the numbers. It's said that room number 4 doesn't exist, and the one who finds it gets a wish that will come true instantly." I laughed. Roland gave a serious face and I shut my mouth. "Not a good wish either. More like a deal kind of wish. It's said a demon lives in apartment 4, and pays the owner a lot of rent for that apartment. About a century ago, they actually found it. It was set off from all the rest at the complex. The room was unlocked and opened, but all there was, was a simple key in the middle of the floor."

"Sounds like a myth to me." I replied, trying not to think of such a thing. Roland unlocked his apartment and we went inside. It was small and yet cozy. Everything was neat, and it seemed as if no one lived here at all. There was no dust, and no dirt anywhere. It was spotless, other than a bloody wooden steak in the middle of the room on a table. The steak's black blood was dry, and had most likely ruined the table it sat on. I didn't bother to touch it, or even ask why.

Roland walks out from his bedroom, carrying a small silver briefcase. It had a black metal bound around it, with metal locks and a metal handle, with a metal protective layer. All black, but was shiny. I asked what was in that briefcase, and Roland did not say. We left the apartment and headed for my house. At least, I thought I was.

Roland drove us up to an abandoned building, that had a metal fence guarding the building which stood very far from the fence. A huge and mile long dirt circle surrounded the house inside of the fence, and there were warning signs everywhere. However, there were cars inside of the fence close to the house. Roland gets out of his car, and says to not get out of the car, and that he will be back shortly. I nodded, but knew I wouldn't stand still for too long.

I looked at the clock on my phone, and it said that it had been an hour since Roland got out from his car. I had to get home, so I decided to see what he was up to. I got out of the car, and looked around. I noticed a spot that wasn't noticeable, in which I could sneak into the facility. I make my way past the fence, and I make my way towards the back of the building. When I got to the door, I stopped myself to think of the possibilities of walking through that door. Many things could happen. What if Roland was taken away from me? That question made me turn away, but I came back when I noticed how long he has been gone and decided to go for it.

I placed my hand upon the doorknob, and twisted slowly. Successful! I made my way inside, and saw a long dark hallway. You could see inside, but it was rather unsupported with lights. Almost like an escape route. I walk down this path, and I find myself infront of another door a few minutes later. I could make out some words coming out from the other side of that door. I heard screaming now, and yelling. I could hear bloodshed and pain, feeling the raw thought of torture. The feeling of the screech coming from the other side of that door was overwhelming. I kept hearing the same questions being yelled at whoever was being tortured. It was a male's voice, asking where a red box was. I accidentally opened the door, and walked into the room.

I see many eyes looking at me. I saw a man covered in blood and stab wounds tied to a chair, and standing infront of him was a man with a wooden steak. There were about 8 people there, and I knew Roland was there, for I saw him staring unhappily at me from a corner. I saw a man with a cane walk up so he was about three yards away from me. He gave me a look, then at Roland. He went back and forth, then smiled. "Welcome to the cave." He says, lifting up one of his arms. Everyone's mouths dropped, and I mean everyone. Roland was pissed.

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