Beauty and the Beast; Rising Moon

This is a story of a human girl, wanting a life where she's not alone, and a wolf, who's life has been a living hell, join together in a love that's not meant to be. They are brought together by war, and will battle the blood demons of the night, with the help of the wolves from Roland's pack as the moon rises. The Rising Moon is coming.

For Cara, life isn't as easy as she had hoped. She wished her graduation would be fun, or to finally see her father. But her friends will be with her the whole way, so what's she got to lose?

Her mother works late at the police department, so she walks home alone. One night, she's out a little later than usual and is attacked by two men. Thinking her life is ending, she is saved by a man, whom saved her lonesome soul. Not only that, he stole something too; her heart.

Thinking he is the one, she trys to get to know him better, see him again. Instead, she sees something else; his wolf side.


5. According to the Beast

Chapter 5, According to the Beast

There are things in which we think is right, and most of the time we are not always right. I was once taught by my mother to never say no to your gut. This time, I don't know why my gut would let me open that door, becoming involved in a war I could not do anything in. My gut had to be wrong, and at the time I didn't trust it for once. I decided to not run, but seeing Roland like this honestly made me scared.

"Welcome to the cave." The man with the cane said to me. He wasn't old, but looked more like my mother's age. He had long, combed hair. He wore a wooden rosary around his neck, and a red gem ring on his right hand. The man walked closer to me. "There's no reason to be afraid." He says loudly, as though he wanted no one to hurt me. My guard was still up, but I went along with what was going on. "My name is Westington Rexford, but you can call me West. I have heard many things about you, mrs?" I hesitated then replied.

"My name is Cara." I replied. He smiled and nodded.

"What a lovely name." He replied. "Now; not to sound rude, why are you here?"

"There are a lot of cars in the front," I replied, "I wanted to see what was going on in an abandoned building." He looked at me with squinting eyes, then grinned.

"I see," he replied, "don't worry, we aren't hurting any wolfs." My heart died, and I grew pale. I felt like I was on to,

"Excuse me?" I asked. West nodded.

"This here, is a-"

"Convict." Roland interupts. I look at him, and he looks back at me. I could see what he was trying to do.

"Okay," I replied, "I was told to stay out of all of this, so I am going to go now."

"Okay." West says. I blinked, surprised he didn't keep me kaptive. I gave Roland a sign that it was time to leave. He didn't budge. I wasn't quite sure what to do now, for I felt my face go pale. I felt like I lost Roland for good, and I felt all alone. I turned around, and I walked back to West. Roland stood up straight now.

"Are you going to kill him?" I asked. I had to say something. West smiles, as I get involved. Is this what he actually wanted?

"Well, it did break in." He replied. It?

"I'm sorry. 'It?'" I asked. He shrugged a few seconds later. Roland, whom I could see from the corner of my eye, layed back down in his corner.

"I prefer not saying what this thing is. I prefer not to, my apologies." West walks over to the person tied in the chair. "You, Cara, do look and have signs that you are trustworthy." West takes the wooden steak from one of the men, and walks over to me. He holds it out, and asks me to take it.

"No." I shake my head. I take a step back. West walked closer to me, and I took a step back. My eyes were watering, and my hands were trembling. West continued to smile, and Roland did nothing. "No!" I exclaimed. West stopped. He stopped smiling, and gave me a very serious look. He asked one more time to take the steak.

"I am the one man you can trust in this supernatural world, Cara." West says to me. "There is not a single man nor beast who won't lie except me." He pulls up his sleeve, and there was a tattoo on his wrist. It was a strange looking symbol, and in a black color that almost looked like it was moving. I took a step closer to get a better look. "This was a curse set upon me, in which I will stop breathing if I is to so lie. If the one I lie to forgives me, then I get another chance. Or, the person I lied to will let me die." He puts his sleeve back over it. "I'd rather not test it for you. My life shouldn't be gone just yet."

I looked at the steak, then at the man tied to the chair, then back at West. "What is it you want me to do with that steak?" I asked. West didn't smile.

"This thing here is not a man, Cara. That over there is a monster. And you have proof I am telling the truth right now!" He gives me the steak, and I held it. He put his hands over mine grasping the steak, and he looked at me in the eye. "If you take this steak, and pierce it's heart, then you will believe me that is not a man." He led me over to him, without having to force me. Something came over me, and I couldn't help but want to kill this convict. I felt ashamed. Roland, who was previously laying back since I asked about what "it" was, stood back up. He wasn't putting his guard up, he looked more interested to see if I'd actually do it.

"How do you know?" I asked quietly, for the man's head was dangling. He was beaten up pretty well, and I somehow didn't feel sorry all of a sudden.

"Kill it." He says. I feel my eyes widen, and I quickly stabbed the convict without even thinking. When the steak was in his heart, I threw myself back.

"Aahh!!!" The man screams of pain. At least, I thought he was a man. When he was stabbed, his head flashed back up, and I saw something I've never seen before. I saw red eyes and sharp fangs. I saw a pale skinned face, but with small hairs coming from his chin. As I heard this thing scream, I saw wrinkles coming from his face. I saw his hair start to grow white and long, and then I saw his body decay. My body was shaking for two reasons; I was scared out of my mind, and I just killed a monster who was after Roland.

I looked around, and everyone's eyes were fixated on me, with eyes wide open. West clapped, followed by everyone else. I waved my hands, and got everyone to stop. "What the hell was that?!" I yelled. I looked around, and no one answered me. Including Roland. Finally, West walks forward.

"This here is a vampire." He said. "When you kill a vampire, completely dead that is, time catches up with their body since they live forever. This was a rather old vampire, so this one decayed almost instantly. I honestly didn't expect you to be able to kill this monster." He pats me on the shoulder, but I pushed him away.

"A vampire?" I asked. There was a long pause. I realized I believed West, and I knew this truly was a vampire, and I did know that this was a supernatural death. "Why'd he break in?" West had a grin seconds later, and told me to come walk with him. The other men and Roland looked at me with amazement and desire. It was funny to me, but is would prefer Roland's eyes on my ass.

West explained to me about the vampires and the war that was going to happen. He didn't say why it started, but he said it was between vampires and werewolves. The winner of the fight was said to get the grand prize. Confused, West explained to me how it was more like a terrible and useless game of death, and poverty will be the results. The umbrage on this topic was casted all over, making it all so very vague to me.

"So there's a war," I said, trying to figure out what West told me, "and it's between vampires and wolves. The winner gets a grand prize. And this prize is worth everyone to die for?" West nods.

"The prize is extremely valuable. As a fair game, we had a third party to the war. More like the judge of the war who told the leaders of each team the prize. They had to swear to not tell another person, or they would die. A witch casted a spell on both leaders to make sure the prize remained a secret." I rolled my eyes.

"Oh. Witches. Great." I said sarcastically. West laughed.

"All the witches in this century are good people, you know." He said to me. "They want the fighting to stop, so they became the third party." I nodded.

"So how do you guys know this prize is so great?" I asked.

"Our leader knows what the prize is, and has told us of its valuable needs towards our pack. And yes, we are wolves."

"Who is the leader?" I asked. West shook his head.

"I won't tell you that just yet." He said. "I do need you to leave, though." We stopped walking.

"Leave?" I asked. He nodded with grief.

"You need to be protected, Cara. I am sending a wolf with you. You will remain out of this war."

"Is that why I can't know too much?" I asked. West nodded. I paced, and after a few minutes, I replied. "Go where?"


West told me what wolf was to take me to Chicago. He said Roland was going to. Furious, I stormed off. I decided to tell West everything, since he is said to be the only one I can trust in this world. I sadly believed him. After telling West everything, he had to think for a minute. He then replied by saying it was actually more of a good idea since we knew each other and are together. After what just happened, I don't know if we still will be together. I was still pretty upset with him.

I gave West my phone number, and we exchanged hugs and goodbyes. I felt as if he was my long lost father, for i really did trust him. He was the most loyal man I ever met. I met the entire pack. There were 9 members, but I met 8 of them. They were Roland and West of course, and I already met Adien. I met Isiac, Oscar, Tim, Uniel, and Ross. I had a lot of time before I had to leave, so I was able to learn a little about them.

Isiac was about 5 foot 4, and had a muscular chest and arms. He wore a binie all the time, so it looked kind of funny on him. He was bald, so it was one of the reasons why he did. Isiac had dark green eyes with a touch of brown, and always had shiny white teeth. His brother, Oscar, was rather opposite. He was strong, but rather thin. He was tall, about 6 feet. Oscar looked like a basket ball player, and his hair was short and blonde. His feet were pretty big, but his hands were small on him.

Tim and Uniel were twins, and they did everything together. One of their wolf abilities was to read people's thoughts. They both had long black hair, but Tim had blue eyes while Uniel had green eyes. Other than that, they were exactly alike. They were said to have played a ping pong match that lasted three days till Isiac couldn't take it and broke the table.

Ross wasn't like the rest. He was short and quiet, with nerdy glasses and plad shirt. He didn't seem to enjoy fighting, but I had a feeling there was more to him than I knew. He was very social when you got to know him, which I was the only person ever to. I felt sorry for him, because Ross lost his parents during his first shift. Roland found him in his lawn with blood all over him, and took him in as a brother.

It was time to leave after I had a small party with everyone. Then, I got into Roland's car, with Roland following me. We sat in the seats, and buckled our seat belts. We didn't speak to each other the whole time. He took me home, and the next day I would be done with high school. This wasn't the way I expected things to be. I walked inside, and closed my front door. I walked upstairs to my room, and realized no one was home. I opened my door, and the lights were already on. Roland was on my computer, looking at donuts. There was a note on my pillow, and I picked it up.

"I'm not good with words," Roland said, "so I wrote it down. I was going to leave after dropping it off, but-"

"Shush." I interupted. I told him not to speak till I finished reading the note. I said I would read it out loud, and with a no response given, I began to read. This is what it said;

Dear Cara,

I know before wasn't exactly one of the greatest things that's ever happened, but it was something you had to see. I know it was hard for you, and it should have been done another way, but now you know why I am running. I am not running with you to save myself but to save you. As unbelievable as it sounds, I didn't mean to be such a jerk to you. I am the senior of my pack, and I have to take responsibility for everyone. There was a policy not to bring any humans involved, but you are the exception.

West is a good man, and you can trust him. Me, on the other hand, I know you won't trust for a long time. I hurt your feelings and I am so sorry for that. I didn't mean for that to happen, and I wanted to scream and tell you everything but I couldn't risk loosing you. The pack likes you a lot, so I can be with you now. I am not saying this so that I don't get killed in my sleep in Chicago when we sleep in the same bed, but because I said I would be open with you. I give you my word I won't lie to you, but there will be times I might not be myself and I need you to please trust me when I say that I will come back to you.

I will always come back to you...

"Because like myself, I protect the things I love." I froze. I began to blush, and Roland ducked his head into the computer to try and not say anything. "...I love you, Cara." I look up at him with tears in my eyes, and Roland turns around and looks at me. He gives a small smile. "Your in love with me?" I asked, crying. He nodded with tears in his eyes as well.

"I am." He said, happily. I smiled.

"I love you too, Roland." I said to him. He blushed harder, and came up to me. He grabbed my waist, and I grabbed his face. I felt our lips connect and become one, and I felt as our bodies pressed together. We fell onto my bed, and we spent the night together. Except, without clothes on.

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