Raven the cat of dreams.Katya never knew her cat was so special until her family disappeared.She has to discover the true meaning of love to unlock the key for her family to reunite and her cat's secrets to be revealed.But with a journey so tough ,will she be able to do it?

A tearful and loving story.Not fully completed.


3. Willow Roots

A few moments passed when I realised.....I was in a tree.It was very damp like a swamp ,but you couldn't even see your hands in front of you.Raven's warm pelt comforted me against my neck.Soon I was clambering down the inside of the willow, towards more black scenery.

Soon the air felt more free and eventually I could breath more easily.My lungs felt as though a weight had just vanished from them.Raven was now walking beside me.But somehow she looked different.

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