Raven the cat of dreams.Katya never knew her cat was so special until her family disappeared.She has to discover the true meaning of love to unlock the key for her family to reunite and her cat's secrets to be revealed.But with a journey so tough ,will she be able to do it?

A tearful and loving story.Not fully completed.


1. Strange

I woke from my slumber as the feeling of saliva slide down my cheek.Raven was awake.Raven is my cat ,who is about 2 now ,but for some reason disappears for days on end and returns suddenly out of nowhere.I am starting to wonder if I should find out why she does this,but for now I will think about school.

My mother is always relying on me to get good grades at school,she is a maid for the elderly in our village.Her working all the time,makes my life an illusion that I have to clear and resolve.

The only other person in our household is my little brother Peter who is only 7. He is a hard working boy with a grand posture when making speeches ,but for me he is just a cute little boy who can be very annoying when rifling through my stuff.

The only person I haven't introduced is me .I'm Katya and I'm 15 ,living in Standom with a population of 20, and 1 wanderer ; Raven.

Ever since she was a kitten our dark black Raven was always an explorer.She would never stay in the house for more than 5 minutes before she would escape into the wilderness.At first I was worried and would trek through the endless rows of pine trees to find her , but soon I gathered a pattern, of her only going for about a week and reappearing at exactly midnight .

She is a very strange cat ,but I guess your thinking why call your cat Raven.Cats eat birds .....Why name it after a bird? Well actually we didn't name her ,as when we found her outside our door ,she wore a collar saying Raven.But with no note or address of where her home was ,we took her in and have had her ever since .

Anyway a frosty morning in February is where my story begins.Raven's lick on my face just began the day badly when I noticed she had been sick all over the bedcover.The reek of vomit made me manoeuvre straight to the kitchen to gather our old pair of gloves.These really didn't do the job of cleaning well ,as so many holes from yearly accidents had been made and not fixed on these gloves.This is why when the job was done I washed my hands many times , leading to Peter desperately needing to go to the loo.When I had finished the cleaning of my reeking hands, I clambered down the stairs to the kitchen ,which was dead silent.

A sudden meow woke me from the silence ,and I gathered a breakfast for 2 children and a cat that smelt disgusting.Where was my mother ;she isn't usually away this early in the morning .Strange.Thats a keyword to my whole life .A word that describes the next situation perfectly.A man in skin tight boots ,jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt jumped out of the kitchen cupboard which gave Peter such a start that he just fainted onto the floor.I on the other hand ,knew I had to stay calm and figure out why this strange man was in my house.

"Ummmm.....Why were you in my kitchen cupboard? "I say timidly. But for some reason the man never speaks he just dashes for Raven.Nevertheless Raven knew what he was up too ,and dashed up to my shoulder.I knew he wanted Raven.I knew I had to protect her.This meant going for an attack; and with the closest weapon possible.It wasn't the best but my bowl of cereal was all that was at hand, which ended up going straight to the mans head.His reaction was a shake of the head and a plunge to the ground.Soon after Peter awoke and just wandered to his room like nothing had happened."Hey, aren't you going to help!" I shouted but he never replied, it was like I was the only one talking today.

That thought went straight out of my mind when I realised that my cereal was all over the floor .Great.

A bash of the door meant my mother was home.Sadly we couldn't bear speak to one another by the looks on our faces.Her face was like a rinsed out towel, totally dry and wrinkled .She usually took care of her face with her foundation and mascara ,but today she looked so ...."old....Yes I can see what your thinking,"my mother projected "I'll explain , just let me sit down'

She stumbled towards the oak chair and sat slowly which then simulated her to speak."Raven ,my dear Raven your secret is up,"

"What.....What secret.Mother please explain!" I pleaded.When Peter heard this he rushed down and just stood there staring."Peter our time has come," my mother now sounded quite feeble." Stand by me ," Peter moved steadily towards her ,looked at me and said calmly"Good bye Katya ,you were always the best sister I could ever of had but my time is up," then he just disappear into thin air and I never saw him again ." Noo, Peter," but he never came back .I just kept crying and sobbing until my mother touched my shoulder."We will always love you , Raven will be your guide .Find out her secret let us be a family again," Her face from then on turned paler and paler until...she was gone.

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