Raven the cat of dreams.Katya never knew her cat was so special until her family disappeared.She has to discover the true meaning of love to unlock the key for her family to reunite and her cat's secrets to be revealed.But with a journey so tough ,will she be able to do it?

A tearful and loving story.Not fully completed.


2. Raven and Me

From then on I always tried to remember what my mother had said about 'Raven's secret'.Sadly after a few days it got me so stressed that I just couldn't bear it any longer. I needed to know what was Raven's secret.How powerful is she really; is she powerful enough to bring my family back?

The first thought that came to my mind was that I first need to sort myself out.That meant getting use to being by myself ,and only having Raven for company.At school I have never really had any friends .I'm a quite type; shy and hardly talking to anyone,which means I have no friends ; and no family.I felt as though I was cursed. But I knew I could be happy again with my family if I found out Raven's secret.But where to start ?

Raven ,as you know goes away for about a week and returns at midnight,so I thought the best start was too find out where she goes.Sadly Raven is a very suspicious cat and even kept an eye on me.She was so suspicious she wouldn't even go too the loo unless I was busy cooking or working.

A few days after the disappearance of my family meant no one had been wout to gather food.Usually this was Peter's job ,but he wasn't around anymore ,so after school I ventured into the woods and tried to gather up as many shrubs I could find.While I was wandering through the conifer woods, I heard scratching a few trees away.I went to explore because you never know what you could find.For me,it could be a way of bringing my family back.

I slowly and quietly stepped towards the noise.Then a little sniffle told me who this was.The same person who could help with my problems. Raven.

I was about to go and take her home when it hit me....Like a bullet it came to me very quick,she must be trying to run away.It must have been as she hadn't done this routine for a while now,maybe this is it.Maybe if I follow her I can find my Mother and Peter.Sadly this wasn't that easy, as right at the start she did one thing that I couldn't possibly do; scamper up too the thinnest point of the highest tree in the woods.For one, I hate heights but also my weight would be to heavy for that smaller branch.

But luck was on my side and Raven looked across the wilderness for a few seconds and then jumped down from the branch.My heart relaxed.The following can begin again.

She kept scampering along the foliage,deeper into the wilderness of the big conifers.This was slightly overwhelming by how small I was compared too these huge trees ,and how at home Raven was with the forest,knowing her way as well as a map.

Soon we came to a small grove of trees.They made a small circular ring enclosing us from the surroundings.I knew Raven would know this place well and I knew that she must know by now about me following her.

Suddenly she leapt onto my shoulder and purred against my cold cheeks.Then my story really began. A door launched from the massive willow tree in front of me. Huge and sturdy the door was.We took steady steps towards the door then a sudden rush of energy over took me and my body was plunging down a corridor of tree roots.I was inside the tree with Raven.Our adventure had begun.

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