week of

Elizabeth is just the normal girl until 6 people show up at her door


1. Knock knock

Elizabeths P.O.V I was getting ready to watch my favourite movie charlottes web with my best friends ben and jerry.I heard a knock "ergh" i groan "coming" I slumped over to the door "hello" i said "Elizabeth " "urgh you" "yes me " i dont hate anyone really but i cant stand the person standing in front of me the building manager "go pester someone else you no its my week of " he rolled his eyes "i have viewers " "supose you better come in then " as i said that five very good looking boys stepped into my veiw .guess who they are if you thought the wanted you are really really really really weird because they are ...urgh but if you thought one direction then you are.........RIGHT.Harry greated me first "hello love" than zayn who just gave me a little wave next was niall who gave me a bear hug liam shook my hand i looked at louis he gave a devalidh grin and suddenly latched onto my leg .... ******** Comment if you liked it
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