In the wrong with love

Ok so this is my first Movella so I'm nervous but I'm going to be putting my heart and soul into it. It is about a girl called Jade who secretly falls in love with the wrong person. But will she tell them?


31. The owl

Solomon went home after ages of trying to convince Seamus to tell him something, but Seamus was determined not to say anything.

When Solomon got home it was 3 A.M. so he went to bed. But he couldn't sleep so he went and looked out the window. Just then, an owl swooped in the window. There was a note attached to it's leg. 

It read: 

Dear Solomon,

You have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. School starts on September 1st. A book list has been included.

Yours sincerely, 

Headmistress Minerva Mcgonagall

Solomon stood staring at the letter. His dad had told him that he would probably be a wizard but he didn't believe a word of it. Now he just got his Hogwarts letter. Even though it was 3 A.M. he ran into his dad's room.

Solomon - "Dad! Dad wake up!"

Draco - *groans* "What's wrong 

Solomon - "I got my Hogwarts letter!"

Draco - *jumps out of bed and hugs Solomon* "That's amazing!"

Solomon - "The letter only arrived now"

Draco - "Can I see it?"

Solomon - "Ok" *takes the letter out of his pocket*

Draco - *reads it* "Oh wow, Sol. That's amazing!"

Solomon - "When will I be getting my stuff?"

Draco - "I think I'll get one of my friends to  bring you to Diagon Alley

Solomon - "Who?"

Draco - "You don't know him. His name's Goyle. Gregory Goyle"

Solomon - "Does mom know him?"

Draco - "How did mom come into this conversation?"

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