In the wrong with love

Ok so this is my first Movella so I'm nervous but I'm going to be putting my heart and soul into it. It is about a girl called Jade who secretly falls in love with the wrong person. But will she tell them?


9. The news of visitors

Mom - "Jade, it's time to get up"

Jade - "Leave me alone. I don't want to see anyone." Jade was still distressed from the night before. It was all just a big shock to her. 

Mom - "Honey just let me in"

Jade - "Why?"

Mom - "I can tell when you're upset. Now open the door or i'll have to get the spare key"

Jade - "I just want to be alone. And it's my room, not yours. I took away the spare key ages ago"

Mom - "I'm worried about you. Just tell me what's wrong through the door if you have to"

Jade - "Boy troubles"

Mom - "I can help. Just let me in"

Jade - "I don't want help, I just want time alone to think about it"

Mom - "Ok, but you still have to get up. We have visiters coming later"

Jade - *sighs* "I'll be up in a minute"

Mom - "They'll be here in an hour so hurry!" 

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