In the wrong with love

Ok so this is my first Movella so I'm nervous but I'm going to be putting my heart and soul into it. It is about a girl called Jade who secretly falls in love with the wrong person. But will she tell them?


24. The city

Jade and Nicole got the train into the city and they went to a coffee shop.

Cian - "May I take your order?"

Jade - *gasps* "I didn't know you worked here" 

Cian - *smiles* "Oh, Hey Jade"

Nicole - *looks from Jade to Cian* "Who...?"

Cian - "I'm Seamus's older brother, Cian"

Nicole - "We need to talk"

Cian - "Ok" *sits down*

Jade - "I'm pregnant with your baby..."

Cian - " Seamus will kill me"

Nicole - "You brought it upon yourself..."

Jade - *tears streaming down face* "Can you tell him for please?"

Cian - "No, I have to leave the country"

Nicole - "You selfish ba*****!"

Cian - "Sorry" *walks away*

Jade - *crys* "Let's go home and watch a movie"

Nicole - "Ok, you've been through a lot"

At Jade's house

Jade tells her mom everything and then runs upstairs to Nicole

Nicole - *puts The Jungle Book in the DVD player*

Jade - *laughs* "I watched that when I was five"

Nicole - "It's a good movie" *grins*

Jade and Nicole watch the movie in silence. At the end of it, Jade's phone rings.

Seamus - "Jade, I'm sorry but we're over"

Jade - "I knew it would happen!"

Seamus - "We can still be friends.." *hangs up*

Jade - "I'm now officially pregnant and single" 

Nicole "Aww" *hugs Jade*

Jade - *hugs back*


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