In the wrong with love

Ok so this is my first Movella so I'm nervous but I'm going to be putting my heart and soul into it. It is about a girl called Jade who secretly falls in love with the wrong person. But will she tell them?


16. School

The next day Jade had to go back to school after the long weekend, but she didn't want to. she wanted to spend time with Neville, Seamus, Harry, Hermione and Ron. She was never that popular at school. She went to a mixed school but she only had two friends there, Annabella and Nicole.

When she came in the gate, Nicole ran up to her, Nicole's hair flying in the wind.

Nicole - "Guess what!"

Jade - "What?"

Nicole - "I finished another book!" 

Jade - *laughs* "Typical twelve year old"

Annabella - *runs over to her friends* "Guess what!"

Jade - "What?"

Annabella - "I have a boyfriend!"

Nicole - "Typical fifteen year old"

Jade - "Guess what!"

Annabella - "What?"

Jade - "There are some students from England staying in the town outside my village!"

Nicole - "Can we meet them?"

Jade - "Well, I trust you to keep it a secret but *lowers voice* they're from Hogwarts"

Annabella - *gasps* "Is Neville there?"

Jade - "Yeah, he was the first one I spoke to. He's really nice"

Annabella - *screams* "You have to let us meet them!"

Jade - "Shhh. No one can know!"

Annabella - "Ok, but I'm coming over later!"

Nicole - "Me too! Can I meet Harry?"

Jade - "Yeah, he's one of my friends as well. So who's this new boyfriend of yours?"

Annabella - "You've probably seen him around school. Luke Bracer, red hair, green eyes, tall and EXTREMELY handsome!"

Nicole - "Oh, I think I know him! Does he play a lot of pranks?"

Annabella - "Yeah"

Jade - "Never seen him before"

Bell rings for class

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