In the wrong with love

Ok so this is my first Movella so I'm nervous but I'm going to be putting my heart and soul into it. It is about a girl called Jade who secretly falls in love with the wrong person. But will she tell them?


13. Hanging out with Seamus

Jade and Seamus walked to the local shop. They had a lot in common so they didn't have any awkward silences.

Seamus - "I love reading Percy Jackson"

Jade - "So do I! Who's your favourite character?"

Seamus - "Annabeth. She's strong, determined and very encouraging. Did you read The Heroes of Olympus as well?"

Jade - "Of course I read it! My absolute favourite is Leo! He's sexy, strong, determined and very charming"

Seamus - "I hate Leo!"

And it continued on like that all day until Jade's mom called her for dinner.

Mom - "Jade, dinner's ready"

Jade - "Aw, can Seamus stay for dinner?"

Mom - "If he wants, I'm not stopping him"

Seamus - "Yes, I suppose I will. Thank you"

Mom - "No problem, dear"

After Dinner

Jade - "What time do you have to be back at?"

Seamus - "There is no certain time. I'm only sharing with Neville, he won't report me"

Jade - "Wanna watch a movie?"

Seamus - "Sure. Percy Jackson?"

Jade - "I don't have them"

Seamus - "I do. I'll magic them over from the apartment. But don't tell anyone I was doing magic around you"

Jade - "Of course I won't"

Seamus - "Thanks" *magics over movies*

Jade - "Yay! We can watch them in the living room. My room would be a bit awkward"

Seamus - *grins* "Yeah"

After the movies

Jade - "I know this is random but I love your accent"

Seamus - "Thanks. It's an Irish accent"

Jade - "I've never been to Ireland before. In fact, I've never left Florida"

Seamus - "Before now, I'd never been anywhere in the USA. Hogwarts is in England"

Jade - "Maybe someday if I show you around the USA, you'll show me Ireland and England"

Seamus - "How could you show me around the USA if you've never left Florida?"

Jade - "We could figure it out together"

Seamus - *smiles* "I'd like that"

Jade - "I get the feeling this won't be the last time we see each other"

Seamus - "I'll make sure of that!"

Jade - *laughs* 

Mom - *walks in* "I'm going to the shop now. Would you like a lift home, Seamus?"

Seamus - "If you don't mind"

Mom - "It's no problem at all"

Jade - *hugs Seamus* "Do you still have my number?"

Seamus - "I do. Text me tomorrow?"

Jade - "Of course!"

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