In the wrong with love

Ok so this is my first Movella so I'm nervous but I'm going to be putting my heart and soul into it. It is about a girl called Jade who secretly falls in love with the wrong person. But will she tell them?


23. At home

Jade - "Mom, I have a confession."

Mom - "And what is that, Dear?"

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Mom - "Who are you married to?"

Jade - "I'm engaged to Seamus"

Mom - "I'm sure it will be a lovely baby. He's a lovely looking boy"

Jade - "That's the problem..... The baby isn't Seamus's"

Mom - "What... Who.... How...."

Jade - "It's his brother's"

Mom - "Why Jade? Just why?"

Jade - "I didn't want to..."

Mom - "Did he rape you?"

Jade - "No.... I let him but I don't know how to tell Seamus. He might not forgive me"

Mom - "I'm so sorry Jade but he won't forgive you. You brought it upon yourself"

Jade - *bursts into tears* "But.. but... I love Seamus, not Cian"

Mom - "It's ok Dear. I'll invite Nicole and Annabella over for the night. You can have a girl's night"

Jade - "O...o...o...k" *rings Annabella first*

Jade - "Please come and stay the night Anna. I need you"

Annabella - "I'm so sorry Jade but I'm going out with Luke tonight. I'll meet up with you tomorrow" *hangs up*

Jade - *crys harder*

Mom - "What's wrong now?"

Jade - "Anna wants to be with her boyfriend instead"

Mom - "Oh, I'm sorry. Ring Nicole"

Jade - *rings Nicole*

Jade - "Please come over for the night Nicole. I need help"

Nicole - "I'll be there in ten minutes, stay alive until I arrive"

Jade - "Thank you so much" *hangs up*

Mom - "Is she coming?"

Jade - "Yeah" *runs upstairs and crys into her pillow*

Nicole - *walks in* "Your Mom told me what happened. i'm so sorry, Jade"

Jade - *looks up in tears* "Thanks for coming"

Nicole - "If I had have known what was wrong I would've been here sooner"

Jade - "At least you didn't abandon me for your boyfriend"

Nicole - "I'm sure she didn't abandon you. Now lets clean you up a bit" *gets a face-cloth and wipes the tears off jade's face and then outs on make up*

Jade - "Why do I need make up?"

Nicole - "We're going to the city"

Jade - "No, I might see Seamus"

Nicole - "If you do then you can tell him then, he won't be too angry if you have someone with you"

Jade - "Ok" *smiles weakly*


Ok guys, I'm going away for the weekend so please forgive me. I'll be back on monday :) thnx for reading

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